VCC Live is holding a webinar with the topic ‘Tips & Best Practices for Setting up Your Remote Contact Center’. Our Customer Development Manager, Magdalena Horváth, advises you on what to pay attention to when setting up your remote contact center team, and how to keep your operations as well as your customer experience unaffected during this time. The webinar’s date and time: March 31, 2020, 01:00 PM in Budapest. The webinar will go through Zoom ( In order to participate in the webinar please fill out our webinar registration form. VCC Live will send a Zoom link to the registered persons, that’s how you can join the webinar.

General Provisions

Members of the VCC Live Group form a group of enterprises as construed for the purposes of the GDPR. The controlling undertaking shall be the undertaking that can exert a dominant influence over the other undertakings by virtue, for example, of ownership, financial participation or the rules which govern it or the power to have personal data protection rules implemented. An undertaking which controls the processing of personal data in undertakings affiliated to it should be regarded, together with those undertakings, as a group of undertakings.


Members of the VCC Live Group

Data of the controlling company:

Company name: VCC Live Group Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

Registered seat: 6725 Szeged, Hópárduc utca 17., Hungary

Branch address: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed utca 8-14.

Company register number: 06-10-000447

Mailing address: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed utca 8-14., Hungary

Electronic (e-mail) address:

VAT ID: 24670023-2-06


Data of controlled companies:

Company name: VCC Live Hungary Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Registered seat: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed utca 8-14., Hungary

Company register number: 01-09-735941

Mailing address: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed utca 8-14., Hungary

Electronic (e-mail) address:

VAT ID: 13452696-2-43


Company name: VCC Live Germany GmbH

Registered seat: Gontardstraße 11, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Company register number: HRB 190017 B

Mailing address: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed u. 8-14., Hungary

Electronic (e-mail) address:

VAT ID: DE277993151


Company name: VCC Live USA Inc.

Registered seat: State of Delaware, Centerville Road, Suite 400, City of Wilmington, County of New Castle, Delaware 19808

Mailing address: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed utca 8-14., Hungary

Electronic (e-mail) address:


Center of activities: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed utca 8-14.


Representative of VCC Live Group:

Name: Tóth Szabolcs


phone: +36 1 999 7400


VCC Live Group’s Joint Data Protection Officer:

name: dr. Seres Rita


phone: +36 1 999 7400


Controlled personal data:

  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. email address
  4. organization
  5. job title (if given)


Purpose of data controlling: registration, sending zoom link to the given email address

Legal basis for data controlling: Your prior, voluntary approval [GDPR Article 6 (1) a.) point ]. You are entitled to withdraw your consent to controlling your data, however, such withdrawal shall not affect the lawfulness of the data controlling activities completed in accordance with the consent, prior to the withdrawal thereof. You can revoke your consent by sending an email to

Term of data controlling: after a webinar or until the withdrawal of your consent

Recipients of personal data: our own employees, agents and other contributors who need to view such data to fulfill their professional functions or the tasks assigned to them. We shall ensure that individuals are entitled to view the data controlled by us adhere to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the applicable statutory requirements at all times.


Your Rights with regards to Data Controlling

Right to Request Information

  1. Upon your request, we inform you in writing about your data controlled by us and/or processed by the data processor instructed by us, their sources, the purpose, legal basis and term of data controlling, the name and address of the data processor and its activities concerning the data processing – if your personal data are transmitted, the legal basis and recipient of such transmission – without delay, but within 25 days from submission of your corresponding request the latest.
  2. This information is provided free of charge. However, if the request is clearly unfounded, or – especially if it is repetitive – exaggerating, considering the administrative costs of providing the requested information or taking the requested measures:
    1. we may charge you a reasonable fee, or
    2. we may deny your request.

The burden of proof that the request is clearly unfounded, or exaggerating is on us at all times.


Right to Erasure

  1. We shall delete personal data, if
    1. controlling thereof is unlawful;
    2. You withdraw your consent forming the basis of data controlling or you request deletion of your data from our database and there is no other legal basis for the controlling of such data;
    3. the data are incomplete or wrong – and this condition may not be lawfully remedied – provided that deletion is not prohibited by law.
    4. purpose of the data controlling ceased to exist, or the statutory term of retaining of data has expired;
    5. deletion of the data was ordered by the court or the competent authority.
  2. Instead of deletion, we block the personal data, if the data subject requests us to do so, or based on the information available to the data subject, it can be assumed that deletion would infringe your legitimate interests. Personal data blocked this way may only be controlled until the purpose of data controlling precluding deletion of the personal data exists.


Right to Access

  1. You are entitled to receive feedback from us whether controlling of your personal data is in progress, and if this is the case, you are entitled to access to your personal data and the following information:
    1. purpose of data controlling:
    2. data categories of the affected personal data
    3. recipients your personal data are or will be disclosed to, especially recipients in third countries or international organizations
    4. the term of retaining data, or if not possible, the factors of the establishment of this term
    5. your right to request the correction, deletion or restriction of controlling of your personal data and your right to object against controlling of such personal data;
    6. the right to submit grievances to any supervisory authority;
    7. if you are not the data subject of such data, all available information with regards to their sources
  2. The copy of the personal data forming the subject of data controlling shall be disclosed to you. For further copies requested by you, we charge a reasonable fee, based on the data controller’s administrative costs. If the request was submitted electronically, we disclose the information in a widely used electronic format, except requested otherwise.


Right to Rectification

  1. Upon your request, we correct your personal data without delay.
  2. If the true and correct or supplementing data is not available, we base our correction/supplement on your supplementing statement.


Right to Object

  1. You may object against controlling your personal data, if
    1. if controlling or transmission of personal data is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations or to protect our or third parties’ legitimate interests only, except where data controlling is mandatory;
    2. if your personal data are used or transmitted for directly soliciting business, for opinion-polls or for scientific research; or
    3. in any other cases defined by law.
  2. We examine your objection and suspend data controlling without delay, but within 15 days from submission of the request at the latest, and we inform you about the results in writing.

If the objection is justified, we shall cease controlling your data, including further data collection and data transmission, and block such data. We also shall inform all parties the respective personal data were transmitted to earlier about our measures. These entities shall take measures to grant such rights to objection. If you do not agree with our decision, or, if we fail to fulfill the above obligations within the 15 days deadline, you may submit your redress request to the competent court within 30 days from receipt of the decision or from the last day of the above deadline.


Right to Restriction of Data Controlling

  1. We will restrict data controlling if one of the following circumstances exist:
    1. You challenge the accuracy of the personal data;
    2. Data controlling is unlawful, and you object to the deletion of your data, instead, you request the restriction of controlling thereof;
    3. We no longer need your personal data for data controlling, but you request those for submission, representation or protection of your legal claims, or
    4. You have objected to data controlling
  2. Except for storage, if data controlling falls under restrictions, the affected personal data may only be controlled with your consent, for submission, representation or protection of legal claims or to protect the rights of third parties (natural persons or legal entities), or if in the interest of the European Union or any member state.


Right to Data Portability

You shall have the right to receive the personal data concerning you, which you have provided to a controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, if data controlling is based on your consent or a respective agreement, and data controlling is carried out with automated methods.

If your request to rectify, restrict or delete your personal data may not be granted, we shall inform you about the rejection of your request and its substantive and legal justification in writing within 25 days from receipt thereof.

Your rights under this point 7 may be restricted to safeguard the State’s internal or external security, including purposes of home defence, national security, crime prevention and -prosecution, law enforcement, to protect the economic- or financial interests of the State, to prevent and investigate disciplinary- and ethical offences committed on the job or omission of employment law and health and safety obligations – always including oversight and supervision -, and to protect your or third party rights.


Legal Redress

If you experience an infringement of your rights, you may request remedy from:

  1. the competent supervisory authority in the member state
  2. the competent court with jurisdiction over your area of permanent or temporary address.

Contact details of supervisory authorities of the individual member states are available here.