Call recordings at your fingertips

Record all conversations and get access to them at any time for quality management and to meet regulatory requirements.

Record, store and access your calls
for as long as you need

Ever had issues with setting up recordings? Look no further – VCC Live will ensure you can
customize pretty much everything: accesses, downloads, retention, and more.

  • Manage files

    Manually archive, download, or delete call recordings one-by-one or in batches.

  • Restrict access

    Fully customize which call recording management-related functions supervisors have access to.

  • Automate

    Automate the downloading and archiving of your audio files based on time or action.

  • Trigger in scripts

    Set up our flexible agent scripts with components that will automatically trigger call recording when needed.

  • Record IVR sounds

    Choose to start the recorder from the IVR menu or skip it and save the phone call only. You can even pick a specific point in the IVR for this.

  • Retain audio files

    Ensure files with your calls are stored as long as needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Review recorded calls
directly in your CRM

Integrating systems opens up plenty of opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. One option is to ensure your call center software connects to the CRM.

VCC Live makes it possible to have call recordings available directly in Salesforce and HubSpot. Along with this, other data from VCC Live can be visible too, such as the time and date of the call, disposition, notes, and more.

Call center software for CRMs is available through native integrations for both Salesforce and HubSpot. This means you get access to all functions from the call center software through a handy softphone plugin that you can minimize at any time.

Read more about Salesforce and HubSpot possibilities to learn more details.

Animated view of HubSpot contact interface with VCC Live client data encircled

Maximize call center quality
by analyzing recorded calls

VCC Live gives you plenty of options for call quality management and feedback sharing. You can score agent’s performance on a specified grade, as well as paste detailed feedback after each call to ensure conversations happen in line with your strategy and campaign objectives.

Being able to access call recordings quickly is a perfect addition to this to ensure feedback is relevant and touches particular aspects of the call. In addition, you can decide if agents can also listen to their own conversations or not, depending on the priorities in the team and organization. Use the following QM features in VCC Live:

  • Rating calls with a customizable grading scale
  • Adding comments to ratings
  • Call monitoring in real-time
  • Listening in to live calls & call whispering
  • Viewing detailed logs and statistics based on recorded calls

Record and access calls when you need

Ensure you get full and uninterrupted visibility
into your call center’s key area: conversations.

Call recordings – frequently asked questions

In some cases – yes. Call recordings play two important roles: 1/ for monitoring your team’s performance, 2/ for legal or regulatory reasons.

Getting a quick access to audio files that contain calls can be an invaluable asset, not just for supervisors, but also for other team members. An ideal example is giving access to recorded calls directly in the CRM. In that case, any CRM user can quickly listen to the audio file and get aware about the conversation’s topic, its outcome, or even the customer’s personality or mood.

Recording calls for regulatory and legal reasons is a large topic that is highly dependent on the country and the industry. We advise to seek legal advise as to the way of storing audio files and data retention period. → Check out our comprehensive guide on call recordings in call centers.

Regardless of the location and the industry, storing calls for as long as possible can be truly useful in case of any disputes, misunderstandings or complaints from customers. Better to be safe than sorry!

Data retention period for audio files is fully customizable – you get to decide how long they’re kept.

All files are securely stored in the cloud in our designated data centers (→ see more about VCC Live’s security). The first 10GB of disk space is available at no cost. We’ll let you know if you run out of space so this issue can be handled well.

Yes! Bulk download is perfectly fine, so you can store your audio files locally if there’s any need for this.

Mass downloads are handled using a separate app called VCC Live Archiver. Files get a predetermined folder structure using file names specified in the template used.

Sure! VCC Lives gives you three options according to your needs. You can:

  • record all IVR messages and the conversation itself in a single file,
  • start recording at a given point during the IVR tree,
  • include just the conversation – skipping all IVR menus and selections.

VCC Live saves calls in a high quality, stereo MP4 format. There are separate audio channels used for the agent and the other party for additional clarity and easier analysis.