GDPR Guide for Contact Centers


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VCC Live experts have compiled a comprehensive overview of the
implications of GDPR for Contact Center operations. Whether you
are a small business owner or overseeing wide contact center
operations, this ebook is here to help you reevaluate and align your
practices to be compliant with GDPR legislation.

In this guide, we will:

  • Recap the fundamental definitions of GDPR legislation,
    including the role of DPO’s in an organization, we will continue
    to discuss the consequences of non-compliance.
  • Discuss the impact of GDPR on the fundamental operations of
    contact centers, such as call recordings, outsourcing, data
    storage, and accessibility (notify, access, delete).
  • Discuss the question of cold calling as a perfect case study of
    how GDPR legislation still raises questions even two years after
    its implementation.
  • Provide a GDPR checklist for anyone dealing with, managing, or
    overseeing contact center operations.

Enjoy your reading!

Download the Ebook

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