50% More Efficient with VCC Live


Founded in 2011, Iránytű Institute is one of the largest independent organizations conducting political, economic, and social surveys in Hungary. The aim of the institute is to contribute to the presentation of social and economic processes in the most comprehensible and interpretable way possible. In addition to querying questionnaires, Iránytű Institute also handles short, OIVR campaigns, which means that it communicates political as well as social public information through pre-recorded voice messages to citizens across the country. Working with VCC Live since 2013, Iránytű Institute’s future plans include expanding its profile to include market research surveys.


As a company conducting political and social research, it was especially important for the supervisors at Iránytű Institute to have full overview of the campaigns’ run by the company, constantly monitoring the work of their agents. Thus, it was important for supervisors to be able to listen in on conversations conducted by their agents as needed, either in real-time or retrieved afterward. In addition to quality control, it was also important for Iránytű Institute to increase its campaigns’ effectiveness to reach as many respondents as possible, especially during political campaigns and events affecting larger numbers of the population.

Their previously used software did not allow for maximum efficiency. In certain campaigns, their operators dialed manually, recording the survey responses in separate software. In addition, they could not provide immediate quality control based on diverse, customizable elements.


Using VCC Live’s cloud-based solution has allowed Iránytű Institute to run its campaigns more efficiently. With the help of the predictive dialer, they were able to save significant agent time, thereby completing more surveys and questionnaires. In addition, VCC Live software has become an important tool for quality control.

Supervisors working at Iránytű always have the opportunity to listen in on the live conversations of their operators, or, can easily listen back to recordings, assuring quick and easily accessible quality control. Additionally, supervisors can integrate their own quality control aspects into VCC Live. Thus, they can also control parameters such as the greeting methods, tone, and the accuracy of their agents.

“In addition to the predictive dialer and the diverse quality control functions, we are also perfectly satisfied with the price value of the service.”

Zoltán Levente Ember

- Managing Director at Iránytű Institute


Compared to its previously used software, the company was able to achieve 30-50 percent better performance when surveying respondents. In addition, the quality control tools provided by VCC Live not only helped manage and oversee agents but also helped in supplementing Iránytű’s questionnaires that are developed based on survey statistical theories, with a few practical tools. As mentioned by Levente Zoltán Ember;

“We’ve noticed, for example, that initially greeting a potential participant is a little different in practice. For example, it is very good if the greeting is short, striking, and engaging. As strange as it sounds, we’re asking for help rather than making someone answer questions”.

In partnership with VCC Live, Iránytű Institute’s revenue from call center activities is growing dynamically. As the Managing Director of one of Hungary’s leading independent political and social survey companies, Zoltán Levente Ember has a positive view of the near future:

“Our goal is to be the busiest call center conducting independent social and political surveys in Hungary. I hope this will be true by the second half of the year”.