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Dóra Rapcsák
December 13, 2018
#Call Center Life
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Fighting Call Center Turnover: How to Boost Morale in Your Agent Team

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Working as a call center agent is not easy. Agents spend most of their time on the phone talking to customers, resolving complex issues with often angry customers. Considering the resulting high levels of stress commonly experienced, it’s no surprise that call center turnover rates are usually in the sky.

As with customer retention, though, agent retention needs to be at the heart of any business that wants to strive in the long term. However, finding new talent is becoming increasingly challenging due to the global labor shortage, while constantly hiring new staff results in significant onboarding and training costs.

So, you better make sure your call center agents enjoy coming to work each day. Luckily, we have a few tips ready to share with you on how you can boost morale in your agent team…

Social events

Social events can be a great opportunity for agents to get to know each other and let off steam after a hard workday. Such events will also help you create a better atmosphere in the company, one of the keys to reducing call center turnover.

Luckily, the options for social events are endless, so let your imagination run free and come up with ideas that will engage your agents. How about, for example, a breakfast gathering or an office sports day!

Another idea is to let your agents, rather than supervisors or management, organize work events. If you have ever seen the TV series ‘The Office’ you are probably familiar with the Party Planning Community, who organize work events at the company, such as the annual Christmas party. By letting your agents do the same, you can be pretty sure that they’ll become more enthusiastic about work events.

Social responsibility programs

Businesses need to give staff a reason to stay at the company. Of course, providing an outstanding working environment and conditions is essential, but it is increasingly not enough in a business world where most industries face labor shortages.

One great way to reduce call center turnover is by allowing your team to contribute to social causes and charities. Initiating social responsibility programs is a great opportunity for your business to build up a culture of giving.

Corporate social responsibility, such as supporting a charity or organizing fundraising events, encourages agents to feel connected to a larger cause, while also helping your business boost team morale.

Run competitions and give away prizes

Call center agents have to work hard to hit their (often unrealistic) target KPIs. Of course, in such a competitive environment, agents crave recognition from management.

As such, appreciating your agents for their hard work is probably the best morale booster at any call center, and it will also motivate agents to keep up their good work. So why not add some fun to your call center and run competitions among your agents?

There are a number of ways this could be done. For example, you can create a coupon book and give out coupons for 15 minutes of time off or work-from-home day. Whatever you do, always make sure to award prizes that make the winners feel special. You can be sure your agents will totally go for it!

Listen to your agents

We have already talked in a previous article about the importance of giving feedback to your call center agents (in case you missed it, make sure to check it out)! And, to reiterate what was said in that article, as a conversation always has two participants, taking feedback is equally important.

One thing is for sure: listening to your call center agents is your golden ticket to good team morale. Therefore, make sure you often ask your agents in your team how they feel, both inside and outside the workplace. And once you receive feedback from them, make sure to take action on it. This contributes to a healthy and open workplace your agents will want to stay at for the long term.

Also, make sure to listen when your agents share personal details and use this information for some random act of kindness. For example, surprise a colleague with their favorite chocolate after a stressful day.  

Organize celebrations

Your agents are probably aware that working in a large team of call center agents makes it difficult to get noticed. Therefore, one great way to fight call center turnover and boost morale in your team is by showing your agents you value each and every one of them.

You could, for example, throw birthday parties to make them feel special on their big day. Alternatively, organizing an occasion to celebrate the announcement of a forthcoming baby, a colleague returning from maternity leave or an agent embarking on new adventures will allow your team to have a little fun while getting off the hamster wheel for a bit.

People appreciate it if they’re valued by the company they work for. So make sure to follow our tips to keep the morale in your call center high!


Dóra Rapcsák
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