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VCC Live Team

VCC Live - Our success story

VCC Live - About us

Our success story

Our values

Our team of young and talented professionals is success oriented, creative and gladly accepts new challenges. We are proud to work in a positive environment, where everyone respects each other’s work, and where we support personal and professional development. Our customer-oriented philosophy is based on Agile development, and we work together with our business partners towards everybody’s interest. Our company offers efficient and effective solutions.

Our philosophy

Our greatest asset is our team. Together we can accomplish every goal. We continuously educate ourselves. We believe in modern tools and project management methods. We break away from traditional business models. We retain our customers not with fixed-term contracts but our true values, outstanding customer support, and continuous development.

Our Mission

We provide not just an ICT solution but a complete and high-quality business solution for companies who communicate with their customers via phone and/or other channels, and require high-volume professional communication services. We help our clients to focus on their core business and their most valuable asset – their customers.

Our milestones

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New offices established in the United States and Romania

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A regionally-unique service called VCC Live® Pay is launched, and our mobile application, VCC Live® Mobile App goes live

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Virtual Call Center Sp. zo.o. is established in Warsaw

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DBH Investment provides EUR 0.5 million in capital to support the international growth of the company

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Virtual Call Center GmbH Erdingben is set up in Erding (the headquarters later move to Munich)

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“Virtual Call Center” becomes our central product and the entire company adopts the name

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iCall is terminated, and the call centre service becomes exclusively cloud-based, under the name Virtual Call Center

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The first deployed call centre service (iCall) is started

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Focus shifts to VoIP research & development, developing IP-based phone and fax applications

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Virtual Call Center is founded, initially under the name of NDG (later eWorldCom)

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