Simple and Secure Video

The demand for remote identification services is growing faster
than ever. Make life easier for customers and agents with Video ID.

How Does It Work?

Using Video ID, you can allow your customers to remotely verifying themselves only in a few minutes wherever they are by
showing up their ID cards. It’s fast and simple. Data security is guaranteed at all times.

The agent sends an SMS with instructions
and a link to the video call

The customer clicks on the link and the video call begins

The customer looks into the camera and
holds up an ID card

The agent takes a photo and informs the customer if the identification
was successful

Comply With KYC And AML European Legislations

KYC (Know your Customer)

When you use a Video ID solution, you not only meet the KYC
requirements, but also make it more convenient for your
customer to be identified.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

Taking pictures of documents or selfies are not compliant
with this regulation anymore. The current legal framework
enables the adoption of video recording as a proof of identity.