Reseller Program

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Increase the performance and competitiveness of your clients!

VCC Live® is looking for dynamic and forward-thinking business resellers, with a high quality of service delivery, to promote and sell VCC Live®’s services in their territory. Interested? Find out more below!

VCC Live Reseller Program

What are the key benefits?

  • For new resellers, VCC Live® offers a highly professional and constantly enhanced system, that, instead of requiring significant financial input and implementation time, requires only a small level of initial investment. As such, our solution will be highly attractive to your customers.
  • For our already-established business partners, VCC Live®’s reseller programme strengthens any B2B partnership with us, by adding new, high-level cloud technology services to our business solution, so that you can include them as part of your offer to your customers.
  • The reseller programme provides sustainable synergy, combining VCC Live®’s reliable and effective system with the reseller’s comprehensive local network and market knowledge.
  • Both VCC Live® and resellers work towards common goals, underpinned by shared resources.
  • In addition to the technology itself, VCC Live®’s professional team provides extensive and comprehensive sales tools and support.


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    Reseller: lead generation

    • assessment of potential customer requirements
    • highlight key features
    • address questions and objections
    • first tier support

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    VCC Live®: post-sales support

    • kick-off and project support
    • detailed presentation by members of VCC Live®’s sales team
    • overseeing of VCC Live® product integration into customer’s existing I.T. system
    • comprehensive training and second tier customer support

VCC Live Reseller Program Roles

Why we want YOU!

  • Because you have extensive knowledge of your market.
  • Because you have a reputation for high quality.
  • Because you have a large customer base.
  • Because you are open to new market possibilities, utilising a reliable and dynamic business solution.
  • Because you know that cloud technology is the future of call and contact centre day-to-day operations.

Let me help you achieve your business goals

Attila Szűcs - Wholesale manager - VCC Live Reseller Program

Attila Szűcs

Head of Sales

+36 30 219 4762