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Jumpstart telesales and productivity.

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Increased talk time

A seamless telesales software with intelligent predictive dialer for up to 40 minutes of Talk Time per hour.

  • increased active talk time
  • twice as many handled calls
  • no waiting time between calls
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Reliable telco service

All necessary phone numbers
and telco service for better

  • always available outbound channels
  • high-quality phone lines
  • outbound and inbound DID worldwide
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Higher success rate

Comprehensive Quality Management
and scripts for successful

  • easy-to-create and unique scripts
  • A/B testing for sales and scripts
  • tracking and measuring quality

Some of the leaders in telesales already trust us

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The best features for telesales in only a few clicks

Key features to make your telesales even more dynamic



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Predictive dialer
Phone numbers and telco



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Mass email
Email ticketing



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Database API



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Mass SMS
Appointed SMS



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Instant chat
Response suggestions



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ISO 27001

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You bring the telesales know-how. We provide the tools.

With our outbound calling software you can process a large number of calls and sign more successful deals by reaching a higher talk time per hour with our intelligent predictive dialer. By spending up to 40 minutes of active talk time per hour, you increase the possibility to sign more successful deals. Furthermore, by using easily customizable scripts, your telesales and telemarketing agents can avoid ineffective conversations. Our telesales solution allows you to empower them to interact with customers more effectively and make more successful deals!

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You need phone numbers and cheap calls.
We have a full telco service pack.

Behind every successful telesales business, there is a reliable telco service provider offering the best telesales solution. Raising your talk time to 40 minutes per hour doesn’t have to come at a high cost. As an experienced telco service provider we can provide you with a full telco infrastructure. This includes cheap call tariffs from as many phone numbers as you need. Spending a higher talk time can still be done cost-efficiently with our telesales software.

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You focus on what’s really important in telesales.
We let you monitor quality.

Our state-of-the-art control system module allows you to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaigns in real-time. It can help you revise your strategy and take new actions based on the conclusions you reach. By using our telemarketing software supervisors can join in with agents during calls to customers, thus helping to boost their telemarketing skills and quality levels. Analyze the effectiveness of your telesales and telemarketing techniques, and develop more effective training and coaching sessions for further productivity.

Why VCC Live®

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Need even more proof why VCC Live® is the solution you are looking for in order to make your telesales activities more fruitful and remarkable?
Then read our telesales case studies and blogs!

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