Our multi-channel system blends several communication channels. Traditional voice-based contact is complemented by email and text messaging services. Data from different campaigns can be handled within a single system and linked, making overall results and trends easy to measure.

  • Direct, interactive communications
  • Tailor-made/personalised messaging
  • Suitable for all age groups and brackets
  • All communications via different channels can be linked and traced

61% of clients have their mobile devices nearby all day. Select the channel which best fits your campaign and reach your target group immediately, regardless of location.


Why is VCC Live’s contact center solution so impressive?


With VCC Live you can customise phone campaigns to your own special needs. Incoming calls can be answered using international phone numbers, IVR menus and holding queues. To help reach customers in the most efficient way there are manual and automatic predictive dialling options for outgoing calls.


VCC Live’s Multichannel system allows more than a thousand emails per hour to more than 100 operators to be easily be tracked, managed, re-distributed and archived. Furthermore, you will be happy to hear that our system supports mail-outs.


A well thought out and personalised SMS campaign has the potential to result in a conversion rate higher than 20%. Our multichannel system saves all call details and related data, helping to lay the foundations for an effective automatic or customised text message campaign.


Our Multichannel solution will soon be able to offer a browser-integrated chat function, making it possible to provide instant assistance to websites users in real-time.


Data from different sources relating to specific cases, including sales, assets management and complaint handling, can be merged in our system to form easily manageable cases.


The perfect statistics for any situation. VCC Live’s system provides detailed data charts which can easily be exported and converted to an Excel or SPSS file to be analysed for statistical purposes.


It is often the less obvious aspects of client management, such as information management within a company or communication between different departments, that are the most important. Our Multichannel system supports the integration of internal company information systems (CRM,ERP) to ensure that no relevant data is lost.

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