Admin Workspace Overview

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From the admin workspace, you can manage users, projects, databases, resources, settings and workflow. You can also utilize a number of tools for quality management and advanced script creation.

Tip: Read about the agent workspace in the Agent Workspace Overview section.

Table of Contents


name description
1. VCC Live menu Access generic settings.
2. Tabs Use tabs to switch between sets of settings.
3. Taskbar Taskbar displays which worksheets are open.
4. Project list A list of your project folders, projects and project specific settings.
5. Worksheet The interface where you do most of your work.
6. Status bar A bar displaying various kinds of status information.
7. Search bar It allows you to search generic settings.

VCC Live supervisor workspace screenshot

To Call Support

  1. Press Call Support in the status bar.
  2. The call is initiated from within the VCC Live® Desk application.

To Open the User Guide

  1. Press Help in the status bar.
  2. The VCC Live® Desk user guide opens in a new window.

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