Creating a Token

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In order to archive and download call recordings from VCC Live® Desk using VCC Live® Archiver, you need to connect the two applications. This includes registering your IP address(es) and generating a unique token in VCC Live® Desk.

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To Create a Token

  1. VCC Live® Desk: from the VCC Live® menu, select Contact center > Global settings.
  2. Select Database API tab.
  3. In the IP filters textbox, insert the IP address, IP range or domain from where you want to access VCC Live® Archiver.
    VCC Live ipfilter settings screenshots
  4. Press New token button to create a new token. You may need to scroll down to see the button.
  5. Enter an application name.
  6. Enter resource references you want to use. Text in regular expressions are escaped. Asterisk (*) is replaced with (.*), question mark (?) is replaced with ([^/]+). See Database API references.
    VCC Live creating token screenshot
  7. Press Create button to generate your token.
  8. Make sure to write down this token, for example, by copy-pasting it to your clipboard, notepad or a text editor software.

VCC Live token created screenshot

Warning: Once you close the New token dialog box, you won’t be able to return to it to make changes or get your token again. Therefore, ensure you make a note of your token before closing this dialog window.

To Set up VCC Live® Archiver

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