About Commands

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You can use commands to tell VCC Live® Archiver what task to perform, and use command options to define how a command should behave.

Note: If no command is used when executing VCC Live® Archiver, the application will start archiving all call recordings, and the old switch behavior takes place. See Switches (Deprecated).


vccla-windows-386.exe command --option1 value --option2 value ... 

Commands Reference

To read more about a specific command or see specific examples, click a command name below.

Command Description
cdrs Exports CDR logs.
mcdrs Exports CDR logs for calls made via VCC Live® App.
voicefiles Exports call recordings.
mvoicefiles Exports call recordings recorded for calls made via VCC Live® App.
help Prints all available commands. If used in conjunction with a command, prints all available command options for the command.

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