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Before users can log into the app, you must give them permission via the desktop interface. You can specify which phone number the VCC Live® App mobile app user can be reached on, as well as which project calls handled via the mobile application are registered.

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To Set Up VCC Live® App for a User

  1. From the VCC Live menu, select User Management > Users.
  2. Select a user you want to set up VCC Live® App for.
  3. In the VCC Live® App preferences pane, select a project from the Project drop-down list.
  4. Enter the phone number of the mobile device VCC Live® App is installed on.
  5. Press Save.

Note: Calls handled via the app are logged in the project you select.

To Select Dispositions to Use in the App

  1. Select a project from the project list, then select Dispositions.
  2. Select a disposition you want agents to use in the application, then mark the Enable in VCC Live® App checkbox.
  3. Press Modify disposition.

To Log in to VCC Live® App

  1. On your smartphone: Open VCC Live® App.
  2. Press Allow to grant the application permission to the required features and information.
  3. A setup wizard appears. Press Next.
  4. Read the EULA carefully. If you agree with the conditions, mark the I agree with EULA checkbox, then press Next.
  5. Submit your user name, account name and password, then press Next.
  6. The application starts syncing your database. Once finished, press Finish.

Note: The app uses a foreground service to ensure that your business calls are logged and dispositions can be used, even when the application is not displayed.

VCC Live App Login Illustration

To Log in as a Different User

  1. Tap hamburger menu > Account settings.
  2. Enter login details.
  3. Tap Save.

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