VCC Live® Mobile App Privacy Policy

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The VCC Live® Mobile App application is operated and supplied by VCC Live® Hungary Kft. (registered office: 1123 Budapest, Nagyenyed u. 8-14.; company registration number: Cg. 01-09-735941; tax number: 13452696-2-43) (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider”).

1. Conditions of Use

(1) Downloading the application is on a voluntary basis. The Service Provider offers the use of the VCC Live® Mobile App to its Clients with an Individual Subscriber Contract.

(2) Clients can classify their phone numbers into private and corporate categories through the use of the VCC Live® Mobile App. The application does not collect or forward any data in relation to calls that are marked as private.

(3) The data of corporate calls – call number, called number, name, company name, e-mail address, time of call, duration of call, direction of call, call result (hereinafter referred to as “CDR”) – are uploaded by the application to the VCC Live® central server where the data can be further listed and screened.

(4) The audio recordings of corporate calls – provided that the call recording function is enabled in the application – are uploaded to the VCC Live® central server. The uploaded audio recordings and CDRs are deleted within the statutory deadline. The Client is responsible for setting the audio recording function in accordance with the laws of the country where the application is used and for notifying the called party that the call is recorded.

(5) The Service Provider provides Hosting services for the storage of the data uploaded, recorded or generated during the use of the VCC Live® and VCC Live® Mobile App Services (e.g. settings, customer data, CDRs, statistics) as well as files (e.g. audio recordings, emails). The Service Provider provides 10 GB storage space for the Client as part of the Subscription Packages. In the event that the volume of the data to be stored exceeds 10 GB, the Service Provider may charge a fee specified in the Subscriber Contract. The Service Provider enables the Client to automatically download audio recordings through the use of archiving software. Depending on the settings, the Client can automatically delete old data.

(6) The conditions for using the VCC Live® Mobile App:

    • a smart phone with android operating system
    • mobile phone subscription
    • internet connection
    • VCC Live® Mobile App licence


(7) The Client understands that the number of users entitled to use the Mobile App may not exceed the number of VCC Live® Mobile App licences held by the Client under the Individual Subscriber Contract concluded with the Service Provider and that the Mobile App can only be used by those users that are authorised to do so by the Client’s administrator on the administrator interface.

(8) The Client understands and confirms that it has voluntarily downloaded the App and has received adequate information about the App. The individual providing the data shall have exclusive responsibility for the adequacy of the data. Having regard to the above responsibility, the Service Provider shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies in the content of the data provided.


2. Privacy Aspects and Guidelines

(1) The Service Provider shall keep confidential, safeguard and not disclose to any third party any and all data provided by the Client during the registration process or uploaded, recorded or generated by the Client after the registration. The Service Provider undertakes to act with reasonable care during the storage of the data, including the use of high operational and data security hardware and software technologies, and shall regularly review and, if necessary, further develop, update or replace the features of such technologies in this respect.

(2) The Service Provider accepts no liability for damages or loss of profit resulting from any unforeseeable loss or damage to the data and audio files, in part or in full, due to unforeseeable events beyond the Service Provider’s control. (Force Majeure)

(3) The Client authorises the Service Provider to use any log files and system information generated on the Client’s side during the operation of the VCC Live® Mobile App for troubleshooting purposes.

(4) The Service Provider undertakes to protect the data traffic of the user interface created for the Client with state-of-the-art encryption methods available from time to time. The Service Provider shall ensure an appropriately encrypted data link between the server and the Client and shall act with reasonable care in the operation of the servers, however, it cannot provide a full guarantee.

(5) The Service Provider undertakes not to use the Client’s data either during the term or after the termination of this Contract for any purpose or to disclose them to any third party with the exception of the cases where the Service Provider is legally bound to do so.

(6) Upon termination of the Subscriber Contract, the data uploaded, recorded or generated by the Client while using the VCC Live® Mobile App (such as settings, customer data, audio files, statistics) will be irrecoverably deleted after 8 days from the termination of the Subscriber Contract and within 30 days at the latest. The Client may delete the data managed by it at any time through the user interface.

(7) The Service Provider’s employees, subcontractors and agents are bound by the same level of privacy and confidentiality as the Service Provider.

(8) In terms of data security, the IT systems processing certain personal data can only be operated by persons with the appropriate level of access authorisation. Appropriate level of access authorisation shall mean access whose scope complies with the principle that only such degree of access can be allowed that is strictly necessary for the performance of the work and only to persons whose work duties include the management/processing of the data in question. Access authorisations and the use thereof shall be periodically revised by the Service Provider.

(9) Based on a mandate from the Client, the Service Provider also processes the data managed by the Client hereunder and made available to the Service Provider by the Client in relation to the performance of this Contract. In the context of the data made available to the Service Provider by the Client in relation to the performance of this Contract, the Service Provider acts as the Client’s data processor.

(10) The Service Provider may not make any substantial decisions about the management of the data received and can only process the personal data obtained by it in accordance with the Client’s instructions, it may not process the data for its own purposes, may not build a database from the data received and may not link it to its own or any other databases, unless this is necessary for contractual performance.

(11) The Client shall plan and perform the data processing operations in a way that the privacy of those concerned is protected through the application of the data protection rules in force from time to time.

(12) The Client and, in the context of its activities, the Service Provider shall ensure the safety of the data and shall take all technical and organisational measures and create all procedural rules that are necessary for the enforcement of the data protection and privacy rules.

(13) Appropriate measures shall be taken to protect the data, in particular, from and against any unauthorised access, alteration, forwarding, disclosure, deletion or destruction, inadvertent deletion or destruction and non-accessibility resulting from the modification of the technology applied.

(14) With a view to protecting data files in the various records, appropriate technical solutions shall be applied to ensure that the data stored in the records cannot be directly linked and attributed to the persons concerned.

(15) The Client takes responsibility for the lawfulness of the recording of the personal data received and confirms that it is authorised to manage such data.

(16) The Client, as data controller, shall be bound by an obligation to ensure the quality of the personal data received.

(17) The Client shall be fully responsible for the lawfulness of the data processing operations performed by the Service Provider pursuant to the Client’s instructions.

(18) Should you be unable to fully accept this Privacy Policy for any reason or should you have any reservations concerning this Privacy Policy, please do not download the application or remove the application if you have already downloaded it!