Reliable Dialers

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Double your efficiency with a reliable dialer.

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Increased talk time

Allow your agents to spend up to 48 minutes per hour talking to your customers.

  • More closed deals
  • Calls with one click
  • Parallel calls
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Less abandoned calls

Keep your abandoned call rate
under 3% with our
reliable dialers.

  • Less lost deals
  • Callback pop-ups
  • Shorter waiting time
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Predictive dialer

Reach the maximum number
of customers with our
predictive dialer.

  • Call blending
  • Doubled efficiency
  • Database handling

These leading companies already use vcc live’s dialers for their contact center operations

4Life Direct
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Increase your talk time in just a few clicks

Key features for successful outbound calls


Manual dialer

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One click calls
Pop-up for callbacks


Quality management

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Call recording
Real-time statistics


Power dialer

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Decreased dialing time
Less agent waiting time



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Advanced settings
Unique parameters


Predictive dialer

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Call templates
Automated calling



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Send mass information
Voice playback functions

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You deal with complex issues. we allow your agents to prepare for their calls.

At a call center there are always complex issues that require specific knowledge and time in order to be resolved. By using our manual dialer, agents can go through scripts and prepare for complex calls before starting a conversation with your customers.

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You need to reach more customers. we help your agents save time spent on dialing.

Our power predictive dialers help you decrease dialing time between two calls by automatically starting as many calls as there are free agents on the line. Once an agent becomes available, the power dialer dials a new contact for them. As a result, your agents will be able to save time spent on dialing, while you can increase your average Talk Time to 25 minutes per hour.

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You manage outbound calls. we help you double your efficiency.

Measure and increase your contact center’s efficiency with the help of a predictive dialer. Our intelligent predictive dialer allows your agents to spend as much time talking with customers as possible by ensuring they are always in an active call. The results will speak for themselves! By using a predictive dialer, you can achieve between 30 and 49 minutes of active talk time per hour, while the number of abandoned calls can be kept under 3%.

Why VCC Live®

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