Get mobile CDR log for a specified uuid

Reading Time: 1 minute

Retrieve specified uuid Mobile CDR log.

Method GET
Resource https://[customer][year]/[month]/[uuid]
Body N/A
Body Mobile CDR array, encoded in JSON.


Resource parameters

Name Type Mandatory Comment
customer string yes Your call centre’s unique identifier (subdomain).
year integer yes Year.
month integer yes Month within the requested year. Possible values:
– 01-12
uuid string yes Unique call identifier.


Name Type Comment
destination string Called phone number.
dispositionid integer Unique disposition identifier in the database set for the call.
dispositionreach integer Disposition summary. Possible values:
– 1: not reached
– 2: reached
– 3: successful
dispositionstatus integer Disposition type. See: status key.
direction string Call direction:
– inbound
– outbound
numberid integer Unique record identifier in the database.
projectid integer Unique project identifier in the database.
source string Caller’s phone number.
start_ts string Time the call is initiated, in YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss format.
talktime integer Time during the call in which talking takes place, in seconds.
userid integer Unique user identifier (-1 system, otherwise agent).
uuid string Unique call identifier.


List the Mobile CDR with the following uuid: 29a16a57-2801-43a5-b04c-65eeaa40de78


Response body

    "response": {
            "uuid": "29a16a57-2801-43a5-b04c-65eeaa40de78",
            "source": "36201233456",
            "destination": "3619996400",
            "userid": 81,
            "numberid": 503,
            "start_ts": "2016-06-02 15:43:45",
            "talktime": 40,
            "dispositionid": 15,
            "dispositionreach": 2,
            "dispositionstatus": 5,
            "projectid": 2,
            "direction": "outbound"
      "errors": [

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