The Zapier development, our goal was to create an intermediate channel through which the VCC in many different applications can be connected, without any development knowledge. The Zapier met these demands, since it can be connected to more than 500 applications.

The Zapier a cloud-based service that connects a central element in a variety of applications. In all cases, the data pass through Zapier individual matching of data structure between two (or more) applications simply by clicking configurations, i.e. Zapier help. All Zap is an application in which an event occurs (e.g. a sign up on the website) , and at least one application, which is generated during the event executed some data (such as the subscriber’s name and e-mail address is added to an email list).

Zapier the terminology of the first application it’s the trigger, and the second is called ActionScript. The VCC and the Trigger, Action and implements the functionality.

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