Activities (Actions)

A result of events occurring in other systems the following activities can be carried out in the VCC:

  • Create new record
  • Modify existing record

The surface of Zapier registration alone is not sufficient to achieve the VCC translation app. To do this, you need a minimum subscription, for instance. Database API password, which can be generated on the surface of the VCC administrator. After that you can request access to the VCC Zapier App. The responsible user will be required to link opening of the VCC client ID, a password -generated database API, or application that you want to get involved in the process of identifying data. In this process, the wizard Zapier is to help our customers, for detailed information about it then visit

The VCC does not charge any specific cost for providing information through the Zapier app. Using the same time Zapier with different packages to choose from, based on consumption is not free. The cost for each client and therefore the project may vary, for example depending on the number of interconnections. Visit the site detailed informations about the pricing.

The VCC and the connecting Zapier knowledge is required for the Database API, but development of an adequate logical connections. To set the proper connections in the VCC does not provide specific support, technical assistance in such a Zapier operators on request.

The Zapier does not store the data transmitted it only carry out the so-called transmission. Always keep track of what applications connected to VCC to know that in addition to the VCC system where data is stored in the access!

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