Debt Collection

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Make debt collection work for you.

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Real-time payments

Instant payments during a phone call with VCC Live® Pay to speed up credit collection.

  • secure payments
  • PCI DSS certificate
  • increased customer trust
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Efficient communication solution

Email, SMS reminders, and caller ID rotation for effective communication.

  • voice
  • email
  • SMS, chat
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More handled cases

Up to 40 minutes of Talk Time per hour means more handled calls.

  • increased talk time
  • more closed deals
  • higher success rate

These leading companies already use VCC Live® for their debt collection operations

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Increase your promise-kept rate in just a few clicks

Key features for even better debt collection processes


VCC Live Pay

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Instant debit card payments
Agent assistance with payments
Recurring payments



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Mass SMS
SMS after an unanswered call
Payment link in SMS



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Database API
Instant payment feedback



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Predictive dialer
Phone numbers and telco
Number rotation



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Mass email
Email after an unanswered call
Payment link in email



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ISO 27001
ISO 22301

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You receive a lot of promises. We help you turn them into immediate payments.

VCC Live® Pay allows your agents to instantly initiate 100% secure credit or debit card payments during a phone conversation. Customers only need to provide their credit or debit card details using the dial pad on their phone to be able to pay immediately, regardless of the device type and without the need for additional applications. VCC Live® Pay holds the strictest PCI DSS certificate, making it one of the most fully secure and instant payment methods in debt collection management.

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You have the contact database. We provide the communication channels.

Fast and practical list and database handling is of key importance to any debt collection team. Our API solution allows you to conveniently import and update contact databases. And our multichannel contact center solution allows you to contact your customers using any or all of their contact details. Furthermore, with our caller ID rotation feature, you can use and rotate multiple phone numbers for more handled calls. Our debt collection software is the ultimate tool for your business.

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You manage debt collection. We help you contact more customers.

Double the number of handled calls with our intelligent predictive dialer. By spending up to 40 minutes talk time per hour agents can handle more calls and collect more debts. Create effective and compelling scripts with our comprehensively-structured forms and questionnaires. Enable your agents to interact with your customers more effectively and collect more debts and overdue payments.

Why VCC Live®

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Want more supporting information about why VCC Live® is the solution provider you’re looking for to boost your debt collection activities?
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