Contact Center

Here is the perfect online contact center solution for when you need more than just a call.

Outbound and
inbound calls

A comprehensive contact center
software solution with advanced
inbound and outbound functions.

  • telesales
  • debt collection
  • customer service

Multiple channels
for all your needs

An outstanding online contact center
solution with a variety of seamless
omnichannel activities.

  • chat
  • email
  • SMS


A contact management software providing
a full telco service and high-quality
phone numbers at competitive prices.

  • outbound calls
  • worldwide DID numbers
  • landline, toll-free, shared cost

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Key features to make contact center communication smooth



Predictive dialer
Dialer list
Phone numbers and telco



SMS reminder
Mass SMS
Appointed SMS



Real-time statistics
Quality management



Customized email
Attached email offers
Mass email



Database API
CRM integration



Dedicated Key Account Manager
Telesales consultancy

You manage inbound and outbound activities. We supply the latest in contact center technology.

VCC Live is the preferred online contact center solution provider for many companies working in the fields of telesales, debt collection and customer service. Our contact center software contains all the features you need to maintain an uninterrupted omnichannel service. Our contact management software brings you all the features you need in order to oversee uninterrupted and dynamic inbound and outbound communications.

You communicate using different channels. We provide a complete omnichannel solution.

With our contact center software agents can use multiple communication channels such as voice, email, chat, and SMS to interact with customers and provide meaningful support. Furthermore, depending on the needs of customers and the required service, agents can switch between any of these communication channels within one single omnichannel online contact center solution.

You need an uninterrupted telco service. We offer a full spectrum of telco services for contact centers.

A reliable and uninterrupted telco service is important for every contact center’s business operations plan. As an experienced telco service provider we offer all the phone numbers and lines your contact center needs – both national and international. Our price packages allow you to stay in touch with your customers uninterruptedly, but still remain cost-efficient.

Why VCC Live

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