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Work VCC’s Magic in Home Office

Offices in the 21st are not only about walls and desks. Employees can work from “home” sitting on coffee chairs and street benches.

Work VCC’s Magic in Home Office | Virtual Call Center BlogThey only need broadband, and cloud technology makes them able to work from anywhere, anytime. There was a time when home office was a nightmare for supervisors as they couldn’t monitor their operators properly. Virtual Call Center offers lots of features to solve the given problem. For example, real-time statistics and reports give instant feedback to supervisors. Monitor calls and voice file storage also help in monitoring. So operators can work exactly as efficient as they do in in-house call centers. Moreover, American scientists proved that operators can work even more efficient if they work from home or from their favourite place, as they can tolerate monotony more than in the usual office space.

Despite all the benefits, home is office is still not really common in Hungary. In the meantime, lots of Western European companies like to use home office. According to Open Outsourcing Ltd, “home office is common in Britain, because it gives businesses access to a demographic of call agents who would not be found in a traditional call centre.  From a call agent point of view, it saves all the time and cost of getting to an office workplace and the job can be done professionally from their own home offices.”

As for companies’ viewpoint, home office is beneficial because they can lower their overhead expenses and they don’t need to operate additional infrastructure. Meanwhile, the system guarantees work quality. It provides a better bargaining position for outsourced call center than in-house ones, as they can offer fairer prices at any tenders.

Of course, it’s crucial to have a system that meets with the clients’ needs. “There are other home-office systems available and we have used them and other solutions do work well” says Open Outsourcing Ltd. “However, we have developed a very good relationship with Virtual Call Center, within the boundaries of physical possibilities, the VCC team will do almost anything to provide the specific requirements needed.” They added that VCC team has an outstanding ability to understand an objective quickly and are almost always able to provide a solution thanks to VCC’s intuition and pro-activity in providing solutions. “They monitor carefully what we do and are there for us at all times.  We were initial concerned that there would be a language or cultural barrier or lack of understanding but I am pleased to say that this is not the case.”

In brief, a good system provides a peace-of-mind solution for companies using home office. And employees can calmly visit their favourite armchairs in the coffee shop around the corner or can sit on the best bench in the park nearby, instead of seeing the same and dull, four walls every day.

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