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Which one is the best dialer type?

As technology has been developing, more and more dialer types appear. But which one is the best?

A few decades ago, only manual dialer was the available choice for call centers. A perfect solution when you have a phone and a phone line connected to it, and there is time for manual dialing. With technology developing different types of automatic dialing has appeared. Today, the most used one is predictive dialer.

Which one is the best dialer type? | Virtual Call Center BlogHowever, companies still like to work with the manual type. It’s great handling for example VIP clients or in the case of sensitive sales actions, when agents need to pay attention to clients’ data before the call. At the same time, as manual dialer gives you only 12 minutes active speaking time per hour, companies tend to choose automatic dialers. When technology lets them, of course. So they can reach more clients during a given time, then they could with manual dialer.

In the case of power dialer, the actual speaking time is 25-30 minutes per hour. But this type of automatism has its flaws. It only makes the exact amount of calls as many agents are logged into the system. To eliminate the problem, predictive dialer start calls continuously, ensuring agents receiving calls all the time.

It increases productivity and efficiency. In order to find the most appropriate predictive dialer you need to pay attention to some points:

  • count the number of phone lines and agents your call center supports. Depending on your existing infrastructure, you might need to purchase both software and hardware, or just software
  • determine that your call center system is Windows-based or Linux-based. Choose a predictive dialer that supports your system as not all of them is capable supporting both
  • determine that how fast your system can connect to an agent when a live answer is needed. If the connection isn’t fast enough, your selected predictive dialer won’t be able to provide its most basic function
  • determine the average number of errors in identifying live answers. If the number is high, your selected predictive dialer works with a bad automatization

“According to our clients, Virtual Call Center predictive dialer is an intelligent one,” says Elemes Erdosi key account manager. “They like that it works with a lot of parameters and it can be absolutely customized.” Predictive dialers make agents work much easier as it works behalf agents. For example, when the line is busy, agent doesn’t need to write any disposition codes, the system makes it automatically. It results that the actual speaking time is minimum 30 minutes per hour. At Virtual Call Center, this number is even higher (38 minutes) with the basic settings. If you customize parameters, you can reach 48 minutes per hour with keeping the 10 minutes break rule.

In a nutshell, predictive dialer enables you to maximize workforce and time management. However, there is another automatic system that saves even more regarding employees. It’s the outbound IVR where voice recording “speaks” with the call recipient instead of an agent. At the end of the voice recording, intelligent systems can connect call receipts with agents if it’s needed. One of Virtual Call Center’s international partners, Ferratum UK Ltd, has just launched the system successfully. Their clients’ feedback is positive so far as this is a new feature for them and there hasn’t been anything similar in the country before.

To sum up, dialers can be very different. So it’s crucial to know the needs of your call center to select the best dialer. But one thing is sure, predictive dialer brings home the palm when it comes to efficiency in a time scale.

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