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Wait Virtually with VCC

Time is money. Wasted time clashes back to business. That’s why Virtual Call Center developed its virtual waiting queue connecting to IVR.

Wait Virtually with VCC - virtual queue | Virtual Call Center BlogWe’ve already talked about the secrets of a good IVR, and now we’re introducing another opportunity to make your IVR even more efficient. In the majority of IVRs, clients need to wait in line until they get an agent. It means high call costs for them. Improved IVR can offer a call-back.

But it can be only managed when the call center is not overloaded and it can take some time. So if someone waits in line, and pays more, can get to an agent faster than the ones who requested a call-back.

Neither of the given options is good. VCC virtual queue unites the positive features, giving you a cost and time-saving solution. Your client doesn’t have to hold the line but still will be in a waiting position. And when the time comes to get an agent the system automatically calls him back. In this case, the client needs to hang on only a few minutes.

This feature is offered for everybody, but it really worth VIP clients with CRM or an uploaded VCC database. It has some additional costs (for call back) but it will increase so high your clients’ satisfaction that it worth every penny.

Some prestigious telecommunications companies came to VCC with the idea of virtual queue and its developing team was happy to see a new challenge. Today, we can be happy with VCC’s new, future pointing development.

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