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Virtual Call Center visits Morgan Stanley HQ in Budapest

“In the spirit of supporting entrepreneurship” in Central Europe, Morgan Stanley Budapest hosted an event last week, with the purpose of bringing together regional startups, investors and Morgan Stanley IT practitioners.

This platform covered all the networking possibilities, discussing key enterprise tech challenges and trends. A selected group of corporates (including startups and companies with more advanced course of life) were present to expose their solutions.

Among these companies Virtual Call Center was also honored and asked to join. Prior to the 30 min product demos all participants had the opportunity to present a summary of their corporates in 3 min sharp. However VCC is no longer a startup rather an advanced technology provider, it was flatter to see the high attendance and enquiries from Morgan Stanley IT. Our solution seemed to be proficient enough to catch the attention of the audience and we build upon the fact that this will be reported further, across the international branches of Morgan Stanley.

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