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Virtual Call Center Program Operates on Windows 8.1

Lots of programs suffered from Microsoft’s make-over when they stepped forward to Windows 8. Virtual Call Center solution is not one of them as it operates on 8.1.

Virtual Call Center Program Operates on Windows 8.1 | VCC BlogVCC has expanded its operation systems platform, adding Windows 8.1 to the list of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Linux Ubuntu 12.04 32/64bit. It needed a multiple-staged development based on the changes of Windows. Of course, development is continuous, and VCC IT developer team watches carefully Windows new versions.

They found challenging to meet Windows new requirements but their agile development helped them to find the best way to operate VCC client program on 8.1. After all, they hope that their work will help VCC clients to use or convert to Windows 8.1.


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