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Virtual Call Center Launches Its New Package Deals

New season, new month, new packages. Virtual Call Center introduces and launches on 1st September its new package structure.

Virtual Call Center Launches Its New Package DealsVirtual Call Center old packages (In, Out, Pro) now transform to Basic, Standard and Professional ones. New clients can choose any of them, and old clients automatically get Preofessional package on a previously given price.

“We built our new packages according to clients’ different needs and demands. They give VCC a wider access to clients who have different size of call centers” says Szabolcs Toth CEO. Previously, it happened that needs of smaller sized (potential) clients didn’t meet the functionality list and fees offered by VCC. Such situation was very unprofitable for both sides. “We’ve been collecting information about the needs of different types of our clients to come up with a tailor-made functionality list.”

In a nutshell, from today, smaller sized companies can use the solution cheaper. They can also enjoy the almost instant start of using VCC as they don’t need to learn all features. A for Professional and Premium clients, VCC can offer tailor-made, unique solutions and more personal help.


So the first package (29 EUR/concurrent agent/month) contains relatively small amount of features. It works best for highly price sensitive companies with only a few agents (3-10 people).


This package (49 EUR/concurrent agent/month) is perfect for companies that don’t need all the efficiency increasing features but have to work with the usual call center functions. Szabolcs Toth says Standard is the package that contains the offerings of VCC’s weaker competitors. On the other hand, VCC provides technology guarantees to clients who choose Standard, as well.


At the next level, you can get a package (69 EUR/concurrent agent/month) which was established for professional in-house or outsourced call centers. It supports quality management, as well as operator and supervisor management on team level in more complex call centers. With Professional package, you can also operate different call centers in one big call center by different teams. Thanks to CRM and ERP integration lots of manual tasks can be automatized to save human resources and manage clients professionally. Basically, any company with a lot of agents can use this package easily and efficiently.


It’s the highest package (99 EUR/concurrent agent/month) of all. It contains all functions of the Professional package with the addition of further data saving functions. It’s really useful for banks and other financial institutions to be able to fit data security and privacy demands of the law and their clients. Of course, Premium package buyers will get even much higher customer service from VCC.

Any of the given packages can be used by optional number of operator. If your companies needs are changing, no worries, you can upgrade by one or more packages, any time. For more information please contact VCC.

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