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Virtual Call Center expanding to Poland

Poland is currently the largest market of Central Europe, it’s economy has been growing dynamically despite the crysis and it’s doing well ever since. During the last few years, the service sector went through a big boom and the country became Europe’s largest outsourcing center. Thus, Poland has been in our scope since the beginnings of VCC’s international expansion.
In January 2014, our delegation visited several companies and organizations, we also started to build up our local unit. The events and meetings gave us excellent impressions.

Negotiating with companies varying from startups till SSC organizations, we met several different needs, offering a variety of solutions. Good news for the company, one of the largest global participants in the software testing business is going to launch the testing period for VCC, having plans to employ over 200 consultants using our system in their freshly opened service centre in Warsaw.

We also participated and exhibited on Warsaw’s Knowledge Management conference, as well as taking part in the Outsourcing Stars gala, where the largest BPO players were all present. Our delegation also visited the representatives of Hungarian economic diplomacy in Warsaw’s Hungarian Embassy.

By the end of the trip, we were content not only with the growing number of partners, but also with our increasing involvement in Poland’s business life. It’s market size and perspectivity let us expect a serious growth in the near future, while our presence and ability to handle customer needs will be strengthened by our local team.

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