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Virtual Call Center Can Assure Perfect Voice Quality

Cloud-based technologies have lots of benefits. However, there might be some glitches regarding their international use, for example, in the case of voice quality. Virtual Call has found the way to assure its perfect stage.

Virtual Call Center Can Assure Perfect Voice Quality | VCC BlogOne of the main benefits of cloud is to be easy-to-use internationally without setting expensive network infrastructure. In the meantime, some problems can come up if a net provider is not able to assure proper IP network parameters, such as latency, jitter or packet loss rate. In this case, neither user nor Virtual Call Center can be satisfied as voice quality is much lower than it should be. Sometimes it can be so bad that the given kind of voice quality isn’t even suitable for business conversations on the line.

Virtual Call Center has tried to find several solutions to the problem, and one of them was tried out lately with a definite success. Developer team solved a British client’s voice quality problem with Virtual Call Center’s unique development.

It doesn’t need an expensive investment, and it makes sustainability very well calculable. So countries or regions with less developed infrastructure can also enjoy the benefits of Virtual Call Center’s solution. Its core is that VCC cluster can place its one, or later more components, to the data center on a given field. So a portion of functions, mostly voice management and voice transfer, are managed on a field server, whereas the central cluster manages other functions, like logs, security testing systems or monitoring.

Such solution can solve difficulties on other continents that cannot be handled with traditional techniques. For example, VCC establishes its system these days at an Australian client who turned to VCC with the given voice quality problem.

So Virtual Call Center technology is perfect for even extreme circumstances. Try it!

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