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Dóra Rapcsák
November 20, 2018
#VCC News
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VCC LiveⓇ Provides Free Phone Lines to a Phone Service That Helps People Get Home Safely Late at Night

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Here at VCC LiveⓇ, we’re committed to contributing to social causes, and constantly strive to build a corporate culture that cares about social issues. As such, we’re proud to announce details of the latest social project our solution is being utilized in, a Hungarian phone service called Hazakísérő Telefon (Walk Home Phone Service), including the fact that VCC LiveⓇ now provides free phone lines for the service.    

Nobody likes to walk home alone, especially late at night. It’s only natural that we feel safer when we’re surrounded by people, as we know we can seek help from them if needed. At night, however, when it’s dark and the streets are empty, it can be a potentially scary (and dangerous) experience walking home alone.

Even so, late in the evening or at night, when public transport services have ended for the day, there is often no option but to walk home, coming back from a party, a gathering with friends or simply after a way too long day, for example.

But what if we told you that in such situations you could make a phone call to a service where you could talk to someone who will help guide you home, and even contact the relevant emergency service in the unlikely circumstances that it’s needed?

Maren Csiki Molnár, founder of the Hazakísérő Telefon Alapítvány (Walk Home Phone Service Foundation), started to offer a voluntary Guiding Phone Service to individuals walking alone on the streets of cities in Hungary in 2017. This amazing initiative allows people who are walking home on their own at night and feeling uncomfortable or worried about it, to call the Foundation’s number and talk to a volunteer. The volunteer will ask for the details of the caller’s starting point, route, and destination, so that they know where to direct an emergency service if there is a problem. Most of the time, though, the main service volunteers provide is to simply reassure nervous callers with a friendly chat, and to help make sure they get home quickly and safely.

Until now, callers were charged a fee for the service, but, thanks to VCC LiveⓇ’s support, the service’s phone number is now free to call.

The Walk Home Phone Service initiative is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason: it finally offers a solution to those who hate the idea of walking home alone. In particular, by being seen to be communicating with someone on the phone, the chances of becoming a target are significantly reduced. In addition, if there is an issue or emergency, the Walk Home Phone Service volunteer on the other end of the line can immediately contact the relevant emergency service.

Besides providing free phone lines, VCC LiveⓇ’s advanced software solution helps the effectiveness of Maren and her teams’ work in many other ways. Firstly, it helps ensure that the line is only used by those who actually can benefit from it. For example, the service sometimes receives calls from people with psychological issues and even suicidal thoughts – in such cases, calls can be switched to a psychological aid service with only one click. The system can also help sift out prank callers from real callers.

Furthermore, a well-constructed script provides volunteers with all the necessary information they need during phone calls, as well as a built-in map that helps them follow callers on their way home and allows them to give help with directions if needed. And finally, as calls are recorded (although the caller can choose for this function to be deactivated), they can be used as evidence if a police report is filed for whatever reason.

We’re more than proud to be able to support and contribute to this great cause. If you want to use the Guiding Phone Service, simply call 06 80 442 422.

Dóra Rapcsák
Dóra Rapcsák is a content marketer at VCC Live®. She explores many aspects of customer experience and how it influences businesses today.