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VCC Live Pay is now available in 146 countries!

VCC Live WorldPay

We are delighted to announce that VCC Live Pay, with the help of Worldpay, can now help organisations to securely process international payments from their clients and customers.

Worldpay is an international payment processing company that has been offering multi-channel and cross-border payment services for over 25 years. A leader in the field, Worldpay offers over 300 types of end-to-end payment processing methods in 146 countries. In addition to their global presence, what makes their service even more unique is the fact that international payments can be made in over 126 currencies. This technology allows companies to handle customer payments across a huge number of countries, and all without coming into contact with any payment card data. Naturally, providing so many payment processing options, Worldpay holds the strictest PCI DSS certificate, which guarantees a perfect level of security for card holders.

As you will remember, in the autumn of 2015 we introduced VCC Live Pay – a service that allows organisations to process card payments easily and securely during a single phone conversation with an operator. The service, started in Hungary as the result of a strategic partnership with OTP Mobil’s Simplepay, provides an innovative and secure payment option for clients working in sales and debt collection in the region. At VCC Live, however, we are committed to bringing our clients the best contact centre solutions no matter where they are, and this of course means working beyond our national borders. This is why, in order to provide secure payment services for customers outside of Hungary, VCC Live has now integrated Worldpay’s technology for international payments in a variety of currencies into its solution.

This is an important milestone in the development of our product and service portfolio. After the successful introduction of VCC Live Pay almost two years ago, we are now looking forward to bringing this service to our clients throughout the world.

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