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June 21, 2017
#VCC News
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VCC Live Chat

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We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you the newest addition to the VCC Live solution family for multichannel contact centres – live chat. And now, with your help, we want to make it perfect!

As we are sure you will know, the portfolio of functions in VCC Live’s software solution are developed in-house by our own team, and we never stop working on improving our products and services. As with all companies, testing is an integral part of developing any new product, and at VCC Live we have a very strict automated and manual testing system, allowing us to identify any issues that need to be fixed before a new release. Now, however, we would like to invite you, our users, to get involved in the testing process for one of our new function – live chat!

About VCC Live Chat

VCC Live Chat allows you to easily implement a chat function within interfaces such as webpages and social media platforms. After adding this function to your home page, users visiting the page will see a pop-up chat window greet them and invite them to ask a question or bring up a concern to an operator using instant live chat. Chat messages are received by your contact centre agents via the VCC Live client software.

This new beta function is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks. In the run up to its release, we are looking for volunteers who would like to join our beta testing process and help us make sure all aspects of the application work as expected, and, as our clients, meet your expectations. Beta testers will play an important role in the development and final release of this function.

Calling beta testers everywhere!

If you would like to participate in the beta testing process, here are a few important things you need to know:

  • You will need to integrate VCC Live Chat onto your company’s homepage. Your operators will receive chat messages from customers via the VCC Live client software.
  • 100% functionality is not guaranteed. It is possible you will experience errors while using the chat function, which you will need to notify us about.
  • During beta testing you will be using the basic version of the chat function. Further features will be developed and implemented over time.

To take part in the beta testing process, please register your interest in this form.

VCC Live’s work is motivated by seeing the benefits our clients experience while using our products. This is why client feedback is extremely important to us. Become one of our beta testers by trying out the VCC Live Chat function, and together we can make VCC Live’s solution better for everyone!