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Telesales with a unified approach: a case study

Telesales - Gigashopping case study - VCC Live

Telesales teams often struggle with handling the large volume of incoming calls that occur immediately after advertising their products or services on TV. Here is how Gigashopping, a company based in Portugal, solved this problem.

“Impulse shopping” – the previously-unplanned decision to purchase a product immediately after customers are exposed to it – is a well-known buyer behaviour characteristic. The number of incoming calls to a company’s telesales team usually rises significantly straight after telesales channels broadcast the company’s advertisements. Due to impulse shopping, it can be hard for telesales agents to physically process all incoming calls, and many customers need to be manually called back, which is a time-consuming task for the contact centres agents. This is what Gigashopping, an international telesales company based in Portugal, had been experiencing before they contacted VCC Live to ask them to help their agents with processing the large amount of incoming calls and callbacks they were receiving. In particular, Gigashopping, which operates in both Portugal and Brazil, was looking for a solution that would allow supervisors to oversee the work of internationally-based agents within a single software environment. Unifying the way Gigashopping handles their operations and introducing a new predictive dialler helped both supervisors and agents meet the challenges raised by the waves of impulse shoppers.

Our latest case study shows how VCC Live’s cloud-based solution for contact centres helped Gigashopping to process more calls, increase their number of successful deals, implement a holistic approach to their international telesales operations in both Portugal and Brazil, and meet their international telesales goals. Read the case study by visiting the Case Study section on our website. In the upcoming months, we are delighted to share many more examples of the benefits our clients experience with our solution. Discover the many possibilities VCC Live has to offer to its clients.

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