Effective telesales: a case study

Telesales is a dynamic field of business. But can companies combine dynamism with productivity to create more effective telesales activities? Here is how one of our clients did it.


Dialers – the core of productivity

Manual dialer, power dialer, predictive dialer – does it matter which type of dialing system you use in your call center? Well, if you want to optimize the amount of time you actually speak with customers, then yes, it does.


Telesales with a unified approach: a case study

Telesales teams often struggle with handling the large volume of incoming calls that occur immediately after advertising their products or services on TV. Here is how Gigashopping, a company based in Portugal, solved this problem.


A more transparent way to manage audio files

For call centres, it is an important legal question to find the right way to manage audio files and data produced, in connection with the calls and to decide about their storage warranties. Thanks to our new application, not only storing, but archiving audio files will also be much easier and safer.


Two new certificates awarded for business data safety standards

VCC Live are delighted to announce that we have been awarded two new ISO certificates, one of which only two other Hungarian companies, and only 791 European companies in total, have ever received. The awarding of these certificates is proof of the success of our aim to keep both our business data and our partners’ business data in safe hands.