To VoIP or not to VoIP – finding the right system

Oral communication via the telephone is at the heart of the telecommunications industry. Without the ability to transmit voices, telephone devices would have little or no use in business. But many people (at least, those outside the IT industry and contact centre management worlds) don’t really think about the complicated background and serious development needed to ensure telephone communication is seamless.


VCC is an official telecommunication service provider in Poland

Virtual Call Center is present in 32 countries with its contact centre solution. VCC also provides telecommunication services, which are available in more than 150 countries. To support this activity, Virtual Call Center became a registered, local (direct) telecommunication service provider in Poland since June, 2015, after Germany. – We climbed a new step in …


The Best 2in1: IT and Telco at Virtual Call Center

Overlaps between IT and Telco sectors have been in the air since some years. Virtual Call Center is always happy to lead trends. It offers not only software development but Telco services for almost ten years. A few years ago even Gartner warned telecommunications companies not to acquire IT business profile companies. Today, it’s an …