How chatbots learned to speak – what you need to know

In our technology-driven world, chatbots have been a super hot topic for quite some time now. But did you know that the term “robot” goes back to 1921? Altough it may feel like chatbots have only recently appeared, they actually have a longer history than you may think. Check out our infographics, and see how far AI-powered chatbots have come!


To VoIP or not to VoIP – finding the right system

Oral communication via the telephone is at the heart of the telecommunications industry. Without the ability to transmit voices, telephone devices would have little or no use in business. But many people (at least, those outside the IT industry and contact centre management worlds) don’t really think about the complicated background and serious development needed to ensure telephone communication is seamless.


Contact database quality

Contact database quality, as with everything else, deteriorates with time. The more you use it, the worse it becomes. How many times do you go through your contact database?


A quarter of new releases and features

At VCC Live, we are dedicated to offering innovative products to our clients. Developing state-of-the-art cloud-based contact centre solutions that meet our clients’ needs and expectations is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we continuously work on bringing our clients new releases and features.


VCC Live 5.0 – A brand new, ergonomic interface

As a first step to a full transformation, our new client interface is now available. The renewal of the operator and administrator interface is a part of our development plan to improve user experience.


VCC data can now be transferred in real time

We recently introduced our new Zapier application, making it possible for VCC to be connected with more than 500 other applications. Since then we have received many questions about how Zapier works, and what its advantages are. For those thinking about the benefits of connecting different company systems, we can now show you that setting up and getting started with our Zapier application is simple and easy!


VCC can now be connected to more than 500 applications

One of the advantages of cloud-based solutions is that they can be easily connected to other systems. Our latest development makes it possible to integrate VCC with more than 500 other applications, helping you to organise your work and manage your partner relationships.


Cloud is the future – part 1

Professional quarrels shadow from time to time cloud-based IT, but nowadays we can state that cloud computing is here to stay. We can agree that we are talking about the most important IT trend of past, present and future besides mobile computing. We are living a paradigm shift but on a higher level. At the …