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Two new certificates awarded for business data safety standards

Posted on: November 28th, 2016 by viktorvarga No Comments

VCC Live are delighted to announce that we have been awarded two new ISO certificates, one of which only two other Hungarian companies, and only 791 European companies in total, have ever received. The awarding of these certificates is proof of the success of our aim to keep both our business data and our partners’ business data in safe hands.

According to recent figures from Kaspersky, more than 16,000 cyber attacks are registered worldwide during an average workday, and this number is continuing to increase. The majority of these attacks come from external sources, with only a small percentage being traced back to fraud or data mismanagement within companies themselves.

40% of all Hungarian companies do nothing to safeguard business data. Despite these figures, a 2015 Hungarian survey, focusing on the general state of information security in Hungary, showed that only a quarter of all large companies carry out internal IT audits, and 40% of companies fail to do anything at all to address IT security. This approach represents a potentially huge risk, especially for companies using social networks and cloud-based applications, or where employees work online or remotely.

We believe that security challenges can only be met thorough preparation, innovative technologies, and continuous internal and external monitoring. In particular, to maintain a continually high level of customer data safety, VCC Live has created an Integrated Direction System. This comprehensive solution guarantees the safety of our service and systems and our partners’ confidential information, as well as providing disaster recovery plans to deal with potential incidents.

At the beginning of 2016 VCC Live revealed that we had been awarded the PCI DSS international certificate, a milestone for our real-time phone paying services. We are delighted to announce that we have now been awarded two further information safety certificates, ISO27001 and ISO22301.

In order to be awarded these two certificates we had to fulfil very strict business and practical safety requirements. We are proud to report that we received a ”Highly accomplished”  commendation for all 190 ISO27001 and 54 ISO22301 requirements, and also received ”Outstanding” commendations for a number of these requirements.

The ISO27001 certificate, which as one of the most important certificates in this field will be known to many of you, outlines guidelines for information and data security, and matches the EU’s General Data Security Directive to be introduced in 2018.
The aim of the ISO22301 certificate is to guarantee business continuity (BCP, DRP) and create stable company practices. This is invaluable when assessing internal and external risks, and important when preparing detailed plans for all potentially critical business situations.

As, according to surveys, only 27% of Hungarian companies regularly carry out IT risk assessments, we are proud to say that we are also at the cutting edge in this respect. Up until now only two Hungarian companies had been awarded the ISO22301 certicate, but it reflects our dedication and determination to provide a safe data environment for ourselves and our partners that VCC Live has now become the third member of this elite group.

Of course, being awarded certificates is only the beginning of the process. Our long-term day-to-day goal is to continually review and improve VCC Live’s IT security and business continuity processes, including undergoing the yearly audit required for the annual renewal of all three certificates.

Built-in mp4 player: accessing your sound files has become even simpler!

Posted on: December 2nd, 2015 by viktorvarga No Comments

Our new feature, a built-in mp4 player, is available from today, making the playback of operators’ conversations even quicker and easier.

Using our new built-in mp4 player feature, any stored conversation in VCC’s system can now be retrieved within a few seconds without the need for any external software, making it faster to playback calls and improve call quality control.

The player is available on the main reporting interfaces, i.e. the CDR report, project-independent CDR, quality control statistics and record events menus. The option to playback the selected sound files can be found on the task bar, and can be initiated using the ‘Play’ icon.

In the previous version of the VCC client, an external default media player programme was launched after the sound file was downloaded, but now the playback of stored MP4 files starts automatically within the interface. Playing back conversations is also more convenient, as workflow is now no longer interrupted by pop-up windows appearing when an external media player is launched, and external playback software compatibility problems are also no longer an issue.

Another useful feature of the player is that you can choose any playback speed for the conversations without a change in speech pitch, thus allowing supervisors to reduce the time it takes to check sound files, without losing important details.

The built-in player will soon be upgraded with a new tagging function, which can immediately mark certain points in conversations, thus making it easier to search for particular moments within sound files that are opened. It will also become possible to sort conversations marked with similar tags.