The do’s and don’ts of debt collection with SMS

Text messages are convenient – they allow us to communicate without taking too much of our time, share urgent information if we cannot reach someone over the phone, and remind people of upcoming events or arrangements. Three utilisations which are very common to anyone working in the debt collection business.


Contact center – multichannel communication in customer care – part 1

The seamless communication between a company and its customer is the key for a successful business. In normal circumstances keeping contact with customers, solving problems and complaints are always a necessity. If the company takes time and money to provide quality customer communication, this investment returns in happy and satisfied customers – and, of course, …


New Texting Service at Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Center launches its new texting system on 1 November that allows clients not only send emails but texts, too. It helps to increase the multi-channel flows of information between Virtual Call Center users and their clients. Any important information can be sent now via text messages — added to the usual email service. …