What to consider when choosing a call center software

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, the secret recipe for success lies in the quality of your customer service: as customers grow more and more demanding, delivering the ultimate customer experience is the game changer for businesses everywhere.


Contact database quality

Contact database quality, as with everything else, deteriorates with time. The more you use it, the worse it becomes. How many times do you go through your contact database?


Dialers – the core of productivity

Manual dialer, power dialer, predictive dialer – does it matter which type of dialing system you use in your call center? Well, if you want to optimize the amount of time you actually speak with customers, then yes, it does.


Telesales with a unified approach: a case study

Telesales teams often struggle with handling the large volume of incoming calls that occur immediately after advertising their products or services on TV. Here is how Gigashopping, a company based in Portugal, solved this problem.


What is predictive dialer? – part 2

The predictive dialer – as suggested by its name – can predict the workload of the operators, take off their shoulders the burden of manual dialing, free the operators of waiting, and such increase the number of minutes spent on effective calls. All this can be achieved with the help of a special algorithm. Configured …


Modern call centre basics – predictive dialer – part 1

For a digital call centre – virtual or installed alike – the predictive dialer is a useful tool to handle outbound calls, manage customer care or to run telemarketing campaigns. This tool is relatively new but has proven its usefulness many times, the technology behind it become more sophisticated over time. The predictive dialer substantially …