Top 5 customer service mistakes you need to avoid

Customer service is the backbone of every successful business, and for good reason: these days, providing excellent customer experience makes all the difference between your company having customer satisfaction or poor brand  reputation.


Which one is the best dialer type?

As technology has been developing, more and more dialer types appear. But which one is the best? A few decades ago, only manual dialer was the available choice for call centers. A perfect solution when you have a phone and a phone line connected to it, and there is time for manual dialing. With technology …


Wait Virtually with VCC

Time is money. Wasted time clashes back to business. That’s why Virtual Call Center developed its virtual waiting queue connecting to IVR. We’ve already talked about the secrets of a good IVR, and now we’re introducing another opportunity to make your IVR even more efficient. In the majority of IVRs, clients need to wait in …


Secrets of a good IVR

Telephone self-service has been around since the 70s and it can be very useful and beneficial. For example, with Virtual Call Center’s IVR. According to a recent study of the American Gartner Research IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is “one of the most disliked features ever created”. People say it‘s tiring, dull and even nerve-racking when …