A more transparent way to manage audio files

For call centres, it is an important legal question to find the right way to manage audio files and data produced, in connection with the calls and to decide about their storage warranties. Thanks to our new application, not only storing, but archiving audio files will also be much easier and safer.


VCC can now be connected to more than 500 applications

One of the advantages of cloud-based solutions is that they can be easily connected to other systems. Our latest development makes it possible to integrate VCC with more than 500 other applications, helping you to organise your work and manage your partner relationships.


New functions now available in VCC’s Mobile App

According to feedback from our clients, our Mobile App application, which has been available since December, makes field sales and customer management much easier to track. New features are constantly being added to the app, with our latest additions, including voice recording, form-filling and call disposition functions, continuing to support companies’ process management activities.


IVR system – dynamic IVR – part 5

Dynamic IVR – the customer’s best friend The Interactive Voice Response – IVR is defined as a user-friendly menu system, where a customer can get access to the desired information or to a live operator with the help of his/her phone keypads. This system has a constant, static menu. The dynamic IVR’s menu offers multiple …


Key to success: the user-friendly IVR menu – Part 3

Customers navigate and make decisions through IVR with the help of its menu. It’s highly important that this menu should be user-friendly, not taking too much time to sort it out, and should not confuse customers. Navigation through this menu has to be easy and transparent, and all unnecessary information recommended to be cleared out. Main …


IVR system’s menu development is an important task – Part 2

The most useful technology in customer care centre is the Interactive Voice Response – IVR. When poorly designed this technology is also the most criticised one.   From the customers simplified point of view: IVR is an automated system, controlled by telephone keypads, and provides answers to their questions, and if needed it connects a …


History of IVR – Interactive Voice Response – Part 1

IVR technology is based on the dual-tone multi-frequency technology developed in the 1960’s by Bell System. The dial mode based on tones allowed the development of phones with a keypad. These keys could be used for other tasks than dialing – the earlier pulse technology allowing only dialing. In the 1970s, IVR technology started to …


API integration with Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Center’s solution makes possible for partners to integrate their systems with Virtual Call Center software for an efficient performance. For a smooth connection, Developer’s page was created, as a support page for developers with sample codes and documentation. It’s first public version contains developer documentation for VCC Database API and VCC Callback API. …