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Our Data Security Steps to Keep Your Business Covered

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In our ever-connected world, data is everywhere. But having access to an ever-increasing amount of information has also led to a number of challenges. One challenge is that organizations storing sensitive customer data have become a major target for cybercriminals.

Although there is no complete escape from a potential data breach, with thorough preparation, it is possible to mitigate the risks.

At VCC Live®, we’ve always been committed to data security, and took several data security steps throughout the years to keep your business covered. Among other things, this is why we’ve been working hard over the past years to make our company fully GDPR compliant.

Furthermore, being proud holders of the PCI DSS certificate and ISO27001 and ISO22301 certificates – some of the strictest data privacy certificates around– is the ultimate proof of our success in keeping our business data safe and secure.

The PCI DSS certificate applies to any organization that accepts credit and debit card payments. We are proud that this year saw our certificate renewed for the fourth time.

The ISO27001 certificate outlines guidelines for information and data security, and matches the GDPR regulation introduced in 2018. The aim of the ISO22301 certificate is to guarantee business continuity and create stable company practices.

These certificates are absolutely invaluable when we’re assessing internal and external risks, and are equally important when we’re preparing detailed plans for all potentially critical business situations.

With the evolution of cybercrime, businesses handling valuable customer data really do need to take all necessary measures to protect their data. Still, regardless of how thorough your preparation is, data breaches do happen at even the biggest organizations, causing disastrous financial consequences.

In such cases, Cyber Liability Insurance can make or break your business. As such, reflecting our continued desire to be at the cutting edge of security, we have taken the next step towards our dedication to data privacy, and are more than delighted to announce that VCC Live® has signed a Cyber Liability Insurance.

We are proud to say that we are at the cutting edge in this respect too, being among one of only a few companies in this industry who take data security 100% seriously. Nothing proves this better than our GDPR compliant processes and data privacy certificates, along with our new Cyber Liability Insurance.

A Day in the Life of VCC Live®’s Support Team

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So you’re thinking of joining VCC Live®’s support team but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right move for you? To help you out, this article aims to give you an idea of what it’s like to work as part of the support team at an innovative tech company providing cloud-based contact center solutions worldwide.

Read on and get a peek into the average day in the life of VCC Live®’s support team!

Responsibilities and skills

In a nutshell, we spend most of our time helping out our clients with questions and issues connected with our software solution. Sounds easy, right? However, there’s definitely more to this job than meets the eye.

VCC Live® provides a complex software solution that comes with a wide range of features suitable for all types of companies, from small SMEs to large enterprises. As a result, in order to best serve our 400+ customers located around the world, our customer service representatives need to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of cloud-based technology, the call center industry in general, and our product in particular.

As our team supports call centers on a daily basis, it is essential for them to be able to see the causal relationships between issues, and rely on their self-sufficiency and creativity to come up with unique solutions. And as our aim is to help call centers work seamlessly from top to bottom, supervisors, as well as agents, are also very welcome in our team.

The support team’s main responsibilities can be divided into three areas: troubleshooting, testing and consultancy services.


Our team provides multichannel customer service via phone, email and chat. Troubleshooting activities focus on solving customer issues, from handling simple queries to dealing with complex difficulties that require cooperation with the technology department. As our company also provides telco services, we deal with telco-related issues as well as software-related issues. These days it is common for telco operators to provide 24/7 customer service around the world. And in order to meet the ever-increasing customer needs, our team offers the possibility of continuous support even 24 hours a day.


Based on our customer-centric approach and agile development methods, we constantly develop our solution based on unique business needs. Therefore, another important task for our team is to support the development team by testing new features before they are released, and providing invaluable feedback on pain points.

Providing consultancy

Our software comes with a wide range of features, and the support team is expected to know every one of them like the back of their hand. Due to the solid experience we’ve acquired over the years working with a wide range of customers in various fields, we now have an in-depth overview of how customer service teams globally operate, therefore we can often come up with solutions our clients would have never thought of. As such, in cooperation with our key account management team, we are able to provide our clients with consultancy services. Furthermore, as we try to help call centers work to their maximum effectiveness, as well as understanding what call center agents do on a daily basis, the support team also needs to think at a supervisor managerial level. Of course, mastering such a complex software solution requires significant time and training, as we here at VCC Live® know very well.

Training and induction periods

As a global leader in providing call center services, we know that excellent customer experience makes all the difference. As such, our company puts great emphasis on new support team members induction and training periods, ensuring they are given enough time to fully understand our product.

In fact, our induction period lasts for 3 months, allowing new staff to master our product step by step: after all, great customer service starts with thorough product knowledge.

During the induction period, our continuous training opportunities help our colleagues build the confidence to deal effectively with customers. As such, we often sit together and review interesting resolved issues that new members can learn from.

Furthermore, we provide new team players with a ‘safety net’, encouraging them to ask for help and advice from team leaders when required.

Long-term opportunities

We constantly aim to create a workplace where our employees are encouraged to plan for the long term. In fact, career paths have always been of the utmost importance at VCC Live®.

We usually say that VCC Live®’s support team is the company’s ‘incubator’, as those who have the ambitions are always given the opportunity to improve and later move up to the sales, key account management or even development teams.

As such, we put great emphasis on offering internal job promotion opportunities when our team members reach their maximum potential in the support team and are ready to move up the career ladder.

For example, in 2018 several members of the VCC Live® support team became key account managers at the company, while another team member is soon scheduled to begin as a quality assurance specialist in the technology department.  

We’re constantly on the lookout for new talent to join our team. If you’re interested, check out the open positions on our career page!

Three questions about Action Learning

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Sometimes the right question is worth more than a hundred solutions. This is an account of how and why we use Action Learning at VCC Live to improve the way we collaborate and co-create with each other.

Coaching and Action Learning are methodologies that, over many years, have shown remarkable results in helping with problem solving and conflict management in businesses. According to this year’s CCW Digital Contact Center Priorities for 2018 report, coaching and training improvement are the number 1 strategy for contact centers in 2018! They seem to work miracles when used for agent experience strategy, but how do they achieve this? And why did it suddenly become such an important trend in the business world? At VCC Live, we have actively been using Action Learning for a number of years. In this week’s article, we’d like to share with you how it has helped us to work better and become smarter.


What’s so WOW about Action Learning?

  • First things first.
  • Action Learning is an activity in which a group of people and a coach help a problem owner generate creative ideas for solving their problem. Unlike coaching, where the problem owner tackles the issue alone with the help of a coach, Action Learning is a group-based activity.
  • Knowing yourself and your weaknesses well does not necessarily mean you also know how to solve problems you come up against. Often what you need is an outside person to help get you on the right track. The essence of both coaching and Action Learning is that participants ask as many questions as possible, to allow the problem owner to consider their options and come up with a solution. However, Action Learning does not provide ready answers on a silver plate. Instead, it inspires people to think and find out for themselves what’s best for them, based on their own reflections. Involving a group of people with different points of view allows the problem owner to approach the topic from different perspectives. This not only brings a team closer together, but encourages individuals and teams to become more self-supportive and solution-driven. In addition, it also helps:
    • team members learn to take responsibility for their decisions and actions
    • solve actual every-day company problems, providing real and needed support
    • individuals learn to watch out for each other, leave their comfort zone and consider people around them by learning to ask the right questions
    • with individual self-reflection, the self-reflection section that closes any Action Learning session being something that can be taken away and thought about later.


What you need in order to really benefit from Action Learning?

You can utilize different models of coaching, depending on your needs, the group you are working with, the topic, and the personality of the person you’re coaching. The key to a successful Action Learning session is empathy, but here are a few more things we at VCC Live have discovered in our own Action Learning sessions:

  • Make sure you use an experienced coach! Even though team members ask the questions, and the problem owner comes up with a solution, it is very important to have the right facilitator in place, to observe group dynamics and eliminate negative influences.
  • Learn to ask the right questions! Questions should be open, with no “yes” or “no” answers allowed. Questions should make people think more deeply, and encourage them to talk without being influenced. Not as easy as it sounds!
  • Know when to separate or unite! If you are trying to solve a conflict between two people, then you shouldn’t have both of them participating in the same session. Choose carefully whether you need a group exercise or individual coaching.

People find it easy to formulate their thoughts when saying what makes them feel uncomfortable. But describing what would make them feel better can often be a challenge. This is because most of the time they handle issues at an emotional level. But situations that are the source of frustration are never truly black and white. We perceive them as such only if we’re handling them emotionally. If we move out of our emotional zones, we can see things more clearly. The guidelines above helped us assemble effective Action Learning groups, and take people out of this emotional “black-and-white” mentality. It motivated them to look for actual solutions to their frustrations, rather than run around in circles.


What has Action Learning brought for VCC Live?

Boglárka Hidvégi, Head of the Human Resources department at VCC Live, introduced Action Learning to our company in 2015 in order to help improve communication dynamics. At first, Action Learning was used to solve minor issues and conflicts. But after seeing its benefits and how it was helping team members become more efficient, the number of groups and activities expanded. Today, these groups receive the help they need in order to overcome the issues they are confronted with. They also develop a confident problem-solving and professional mindset.

The magic of Action Learning, compared to similar development training methods, is that after a while it becomes a natural part of the organization and work processes,” Boglárka states. “It develops skills which unconsciously build up in people’s mindsets, and they begin to start using them unconsciously, without even noticing.

Because of its principles based on self-reflection and self-management, Action Learning has allowed our teams to build skills such as:

  • internal and cross-department communication dynamics
  • readiness for self-management, and a boost of productivity
  • conflict handling, and a solution-oriented mindset

As with every other organization, we also always aim to find high-quality answers to any question that arises in front of us. Teaching people the skill of self-reflection and how to ask the right question has been an indispensable tool in this. Since the introduction of Action Learning we have made our communication and problem-solving practices faster and more efficient. We enable people to solve issues self-sufficiently and with confidence.

“Helping people become better in their work is not the only important thing in an organization,” adds Boglárka. “Making sure they feel good and are empowered to change the things that cause them stress is also important. They should feel good with what they’re doing.”

Action Learning has helped us find a solution for many questions: from handling conflicts, through improving processes, and even personal issues. Sometimes, a problem owner realizes that the solution to their problem is beyond their competence, and they need to pass it on to someone else. At other times, the solution can be simply finding the right work-life balance, and once changes have been made, things return to normal. In any case, a real “WOW”-moment is very symbolic of Action Learning. People become committed to the methodology, and enjoy coming to the sessions.


We all have different personalities. Sometimes we click, at other times we clash. We all come with a ready set of feelings and emotions, and even when we’re at our most professional, these feelings sometimes come up to the surface and influence our actions. In a business environment, it’s very important to handle these situations with the utmost care and attention. In today’s world, Action Learning coaching has been proven to provide the perfect solution for situations like this. And as a company utilizing Action Learning methodology, we can also confirm this is true.

December: time for a yearly summary for 2017

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December is a time for everyone to reflect. The time to look back and evaluate the events of the past year, before setting new goals for the upcoming one. So, here is our yearly summary for 2017.



2017 was a dynamic and exciting year for us. It was a year of growth and change, as well as exploration of new areas – both geographically and business-wise. We transferred the German branch of our operations from Munich to Berlin, and opened new offices in Romania and the USA. We also began to investigate new business possibilities in Africa, and placed a lot of emphasis on further strengthening our foreign business strategy. In conjunction with this substantial international expansion, we updated our General Terms Agreement in English, to help achieve a unified approach extending beyond language barriers and physical borders.

As well as enhancing our international business strategy, we also participated in a number of events and conferences. During these conferences we shared our knowledge and experience with other industry leaders and players. From our participation in different conferences in Hungary and the region to our series of workshops in Africa, it was an eventful year for us. We visited a number of countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Latvia and Poland. But of course our international success would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for the continual hard work we invested in making our product and services even better!



2017 was exciting in terms of new developments and features in our portfolio. A yearly summary for 2017 would not be complete without mentioning the many great new tools and features we launched in the last twelve months. Especially noteworthy was the beta testing of our new chat function during the summer, with the active participation of some of our clients. Thanks to this, we now have a fully functional chat service, which is being constantly updated with exciting new functions.

In the past few months our development team also worked on improving existing features, such as IVR settings, phone number handling, and much more. In particular, IVR menu settings have been made far more comprehensive. A number of new functions were added to the IVR settings to make sure they meet every inbound call center’s needs. As for outbound call centers, caller ID rotation has made it possible for debt collection companies to rotate multiple phone numbers and increase the number of handled calls. Of course, new functions and enhanced features require useful tips and helpful usage instructions. So, one of our focuses was to update the structure of our new Help and Developers sections as well.

VCC Live Pay, our innovative service allowing customers to make immediate payments during phone conversations, was also enhanced with the new recurring payment feature. With the addition this summer of Worldpay, VCC Live Pay can now be used to process over-the-phone international payments securely in 146 countries!


As you can see from our yearly summary for 2017, this was a really busy and exciting year for us, but a good year is not good just because of the achievements it brings. It’s also good because of the people these successes are shared with. And we are delighted that you have been a part of our successes this year. As our clients, partners, and readers, you were all an invaluable part of our progress these last twelve months. And so, with that, we come to the end of our yearly summary for 2017, and indeed our last blog of the year, and all that remains for us to say is to wish you a very happy holiday season and a New Year full of business prospects and success.

A quarter of new releases and features

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At VCC Live, we are dedicated to offering innovative products to our clients. Developing state-of-the-art cloud-based contact centre solutions that meet our clients’ needs and expectations is at the heart of everything we do. This is why we continuously work on bringing our clients new releases and features.

As we are sure you will already know, our solution is the product of our own in-house team of expert developers. With extensive experience in the call and contact centre industry, they regularly develop new releases and features to help make our software even more valuable to our clients. New features are constantly being released, and announcements about these new releases are always shared on our software platform. But just in case you have ever wondered how much work we actually invest in the continuous development of our product, an overview of our Q3 2017 new releases should give you a good idea.

Q3 2017 was as busy a quarter as ever, with 264 new releases bringing you and your agents even greater convenience and a perfect quality of service. As well as enhancing already-existing functions, we also introduced a number of new innovations. These included creating timestamps in the Robinson list, indicating incoming emails, and introducing a captcha option when deleting timesheets. And don’t forget we are finalising our very own Chat feature! Some of our major new releases during this quarter included the following:

VCC Live detailed features - new releases

Even though we are proud of the number of new releases which took place in Q3 2017, we never forget about the importance of quality. Developing technology that really works has always been a priority for us. For us, every new release that makes our clients’ work more efficient means a job well done. After a quarter filled with important releases, we are ready for further advancements in Q4. Don’t forget to follow the news we regularly share on our software platform!

From on-premise through hosted to cloud-based

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Transformation is important for every business. Some companies develop by following new trends, others see the potential in less-known territories. But how did VCC Live arrive at where we are today?

Contact centre technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first call centres in the 1960s and 1970s. From rows of telephones on operators’ desks, through modernised hosted and on-premise contact centre solutions in the 1990s and 2000s, we are now in the age of the cloud. Today, the variety of services clients can choose from is vast, with the main choice being between conventional on-premise physical data centre options and more flexible cloud-based virtual solutions. But how do service providers decide which service to offer their clients? Here is our story.


Saying goodbye to on-premise

When we first established our company, we invested our energy and knowledge in creating a state-of-the-art on-premise service for our customers. We focused on combining cutting edge hardware and technology so that our customers could benefit from a modern, ground-breaking, solution that met their needs. As with every company building something innovative, we were excited by the business opportunities we discovered, and by seeing our solution being utilised by our clients. But, happy as we were, we also could see our clients concerns as they struggled with costs, investment plans, and the impact our solution could have on their budget. And in particular, the look of dismay once they realise that, within an average of 7 years, their modern, state-of-the-art solution would fade and become state-of-the-outdated.

With a variety of our clients struggling with high costs, we realised our service portfolio needed a drastic rethink. We could see that clients “fell hostage” and were burdened with piles of hardware that were becoming obsolete before they could afford a new solution. Investments in hardware were also stopping them from developing and improving their business plans. Small and medium-sized businesses were not being able to afford our kind of solution, and bigger businesses often did not wish to invest in solutions which would become outdated only a few years later. Seeing how our clients were finding it hard to keep up with the constant costs on-premise solutions were bringing, it became clear to us that we needed to provide them with another option. In other words: our clients’ financial struggles were the motivation for us to set out on a new journey.


Arriving at a hosted solution

The destination of this new journey was our hosted solution. A hosted solution initially requires the use of hardware and servers just as any on-premise solution does, but the main difference is that the hardware is bought and managed by the hosting provider. This means that handling and operational responsibilities such as internet connections, leased lines, power supplies, security, and maintenance are all provided by the host, removing some of the costs from the client’s shoulders. And in 2008 this was just what we wanted to do – meet our clients’ needs at a lower price.

When first developing our hosting service, we decided to take things further and choose an innovative way of doing business. With extensive experience in telecommunications, we decided to start a new budget-friendly billing model based on a per-minute model, allowing clients to control their costs more effectively. Billing started once an agent logged into the system and stopped once the agent logged out, allowing clients to plan the number of agents and the time they spent working, thus controlling billable time and costs. Small and medium-sized businesses quickly embraced this idea of a usage-based hosted solution, as it allowed them to meet their business needs and operate a high-quality contact centre without expensive hardware investment. After introducing and developing this solution successfully, and with the concept of the ‘cloud’ gaining momentum and popularity in the business world, we realised this method of billing was the basis of a stable and client-friendly business model. Ironically, it was small and medium-sized businesses’ inability to pay that helped us decide to create our fully cloud-based solution for call and contact centres.


Building business in the cloud

The huge demand for expert cloud solutions came from small and medium businesses, not because they expected it to become the solution of the future, but mainly because they simply lacked the financial funds needed for expensive on-premise services. With a cloud-based solution, the client does not need to maintain, lease, or rent any hardware – all hardware requirements and investments are handled by the service provider. After entrusting their contact centres to the cloud, organisations can develop their business more effectively, with a lot less effort and costs; the amounts of money previously spent on on-premise solutions can be turned into new business advancements. And once smaller companies began to experience these benefits, larger organisations started to also become interested in cloud solutions.

Today, if anyone asks us about on-premise solutions today, we simply say ‘forget it’. And if you want to know the reason why, we can give you six of them:

  • technical – a cloud solution is built on function, and not a client, level. This means that, technically speaking, all clients use the same platform.
  • operational – using the same platform makes it possible to manage all client systems together as one, and not separately. This means that every system update is immediately available to all clients.
  • development – client requests and requirements can be incorporated into the solution where possible, and released as part of updates available to everyone using the platform. Personalised developments for closed groups of users are also available, of course, but not common.
  • business (capex vs. opex) – forget about big investments and budget planning! Cloud solutions allow flexible business models, with no need to plan resources in advance as they can be decided on the fly, and changed according to your needs as required.
  • cycle of life – the highly-available servers are the responsibility of the service provider, which means clients do not need to deal with the hardware’s cycle of life and its change. As for new software releases and updates they can be automatically released and available to all clients, preventing cloud-based solutions becoming outdated. Ever.
  • security – behind a cloud solution, there is usually one overall security team with an extensive amount of experience in the industry. This team can provide sufficient protection for all clients, as it only needs to meet the security standards of its own cloud solution used by those clients.

When clients face difficulties paying for services, this is of course a reason for concern. Sometimes, however, it can provide the reason for a company to become creative and set out on a new business journey. Eventually, clients’ financial struggles may turn into a new service or product that benefits both them and you.

Expanding our geography

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At VCC Live we believe in personal contact. This is why we love meeting our clients and discussing their needs in person. And if that means going to East Africa, then that is what we will do.

For a number of years we have been providing a contact centre solution for an international European bank’s debt collection division. After having successfully expanded and standardised these debt collection processes in over 20 countries, in January 2016 the bank asked us to support a further expansion of this service – this time into Kenya, Africa. Within a short period of time we were ready to execute a pilot project, however the client subsequently decided to put the initiative on hold. But, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens, and even though this project had not come to fruition, it opened our eyes to the huge opportunities in the continent. And so we began our journey into Africa: one year on, let’s see how things have developed.

VCC Live – live in Africa

In the last twelve months we have invested a lot of energy into bringing our cloud-based contact centre software and services to the region, with great success. Our first projects in Kenya and Uganda were established in April 2016, and went live in June of the same year. This exciting new chapter in the history and growth of VCC Live has continued, as we have started to build on these successes in the region by focussing on building a network of relevant distributors and retailers. We have built new connections and received recognition from local companies and clients who appreciate the benefits of cloud-based contact centres, and are delighted to report that we now have a strong presence in Kenya and Uganda.

At the end of May this year, two members of our team, Gábor Kocsis (Business Development and Sales Partner), and Magdalena Mielniczek (Customer Development Manager) visited Kenya and Uganda to hold a workshop, meeting managers and representatives of more than 25 local and international companies. At the workshop, Gábor and Magdalena facilitated a Proof of Concept session, showing how VCC Live’s contact centre solution can transform and make their business operations model even more efficient and successful. They were joined by one of our local partners from SimbaNET, who helped answer the many questions attendees had, and provide background information regarding connectivity and coverage.

VCC Live workshop in Africa

Conversation and interaction

This workshop session, as well as presenting VCC Live’s capabilities, was also interactive, allowing participants to think about their own business needs and how they could take advantage of the possibilities VCC Live’s software and services offer. The interactive content was divided into three parts, and focussed on the three most important aspects of business operations: doing business, employees, and technology. Participants were encouraged to create plans and think about how VCC Live could make a difference to them and transform the way they work.

The workshop provided a lot of food for thought and generated many discussions. Every client had different needs and requirements, and it was of the utmost importance to them that they could discuss them in person. As a result of this workshop, we are delighted to have started working on some new pilot projects and also finalised some of the pilots we have been working on in the last few months. Regardless of whether these projects are still in a pilot stage or are already finalised contracts, we are preparing to visit our clients in Kenya and Uganda again very soon.

We strongly believe in the effectiveness our workshops provide for such discussions. Come and attend our next session, and see for yourself.

VCC Live around the world

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In a global world, it is important to provide a universal level of service to all your customers, wherever they are. This is how we help our clients from Kenya to Germany, and from USA to Australia.


At VCC Live, we have been dedicating our energy to developing innovative call centre solutions since 1999. Our services became exclusively cloud-based in 2008 when we released our first cloud-based call centre service – Virtual Call Center – and this landmark product subsequently gave our company its new name. We also invested a lot of effort into creating supporting telecommunications networks so that our innovative solution could work at its best. The success and reliability of our product and network has become increasingly recognised by the call centre industry, both in our home country of Hungary and abroad. Thanks to this new interest in our product from abroad, an exciting new chapter for our company has begun, as we begin spreading the VCC Live word around the world…


Discovering new territories in which business can be done is always an exciting revelation for any company. VCC Live’s journey began in 2011, when we opened an office in Erding, Germany; three years later we expanded north, opening offices in Warsaw, Poland. With a presence in three European countries, other international customers soon began to hear about and discover the benefits of our software and services. We began being contacted by companies from all over the world, expanding our network of distributors and retailers to other countries, and meeting the expectations of large clients, including one of our largest, a European bank and financial institution operating internationally.

The bank, which has offices in 23 countries around the world, wanted to standardise their operations across the organisation and use a single system which would work seamlessly in all of their branches across the world. What better way to achieve their aims than with a cloud-based contact centre software solution with a proven track record of success? VCC Live provided the support to help the bank both transform their debt-collecting processes and generate new opportunities through services such as mass SMS, outgoing IVR, and email. We then helped them standardise these processes globally across their organisation, so that they are now used within all 23 countries that the bank operates in.

The numbers

Over the years, we have become an integral part of many organisations operations in many countries around the world. The numbers speak for themselves: our three branches and five data centres provide reliable services for more than 6000 users, in more than 32 countries. Furthermore, we provide telecom coverage in more than 150 countries, allowing our clients to enjoy uninterrupted work through stable telecommunication services. And with our new offices opening in the United States this number will shortly grow.

In every company’s journey there are events that mark important milestones in its history. For some organisations such milestones are the release of important new products. For others, it’s conquering new markets. For us, it’s a combination of both. VCC Live is proud to say that it can bring the latest cloud-based contact centre technology to your door, wherever you are.