Expanding our geography

At VCC Live we believe in personal contact. This is why we love meeting our clients and discussing their needs in person. And if that means going to East Africa, then that is what we will do.


Successful Motivation at Call Center Academy

Academic year 2014/15 of Call Center Academy was launched yesterday. Successful series of presentations gave lots of new information to participants. At first, Adrienne Banga, expert of eSense Human Resources started with her presentation about motivation in general. “According to psychology, it’s the drive to get up every morning” – she said, adding several useful …


Gamification Case Study at Call Center Academy

We’re continuing our series of introducing Call Center Academy lecturers. Today Tamas Gall speaks about gamification. He works at Partnering Central Europe as Business Development Manager so he’s really interested in new techniques. Call Center Academy and other professional conferences are very important as they are the place where “new methods and techniques can appear …


Raise Your Voice. Voice Beauty Pageant Starts All Over Again

This year the highly popular Voice Beauty Pageant, organized by the Hungarian Direct and Interactive Marketing Association, celebrates its third anniversary. Virtual Call Center is the main sponsor for the first year. Unfortunately, today people don’t see call centers as something positive. They can have lots of bad experiences every day. According to Peter Malhai, …


Personalized Motivation Is the Goal. Interview with Adrienne Banga, CCA lecturer

Motivation is difficult due to our fast world and many impulses. Adrienne Banga says how Call Center Academy can show the right way. “Topic of motivation is really important because we tend to use old habits even though there are lots of information on Y and Z generations,” she says, expert of eSense Human Resources, …


Finding your voice

Do you know Joseph? He’s Virtual Call Center’s supervisor mascot at our internet ad. He started his life in Hungarian but now he can speak English, as well. Dubbing is fun and challanging. It needs your highest skills to act just like the character on the screen only with your voice, and without any other …


VCC Cooked Up a Storm at Team Building Training

Summer has arrived at Virtual Call Center with a spicy and flavorous team building training where coworkers tried to do their best for a real dinner event as the prize. Five teams competed, and eventually the Blue ones could cook the best menu with rise and chicken stew with tarragon. They got the best point …


Innovating on InnoWorld

One of today’s favourite phrases is innovation. In the meantime, many people still don’t understand its real meaning. That’s why Computerworld organized the conference, Innovation, where Virtual Call Center was one of the presenters. Innovation is first and foremost important in the business world to maintain sustainable development. Plus, innovation makes info-communication solutions’ services and …