Multichannel communication: email vs. chat vs. phone

In today’s ever-changing world people can choose from many means of communication, depending on what is most convenient for them at the time. In the world of call centers, while telephone conversations, emails, and instant chat messages all meet the purpose of connecting a customer with a call center operator in order to receive professional support, different situations may require different types of communication.


Is email a communication channel of the past?

Technology today allows people to choose from a vast array of communication channels. We have more possibilities than ever before to express ourselves and communicate to others. So do we still need email?


Contact center – multichannel communication in customer care – part 1

The seamless communication between a company and its customer is the key for a successful business. In normal circumstances keeping contact with customers, solving problems and complaints are always a necessity. If the company takes time and money to provide quality customer communication, this investment returns in happy and satisfied customers – and, of course, …