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How Customer Service Automation Is Revolutionizing Contact Centers

Posted on: August 28th, 2019 by dorarapcsak No Comments

In today’s CX-driven world, customers can choose from a number of platforms when they want to communicate with your customer service team. As a result, businesses receive inbound conversations on far more channels than they used to.

It’s clear that your agent team on its own would struggle to respond to all of these incoming conversations that your business receives. However, by automating some of your processes you’ll be able to handle thousands of conversations simultaneously across all channels while keeping customers satisfied.

Implementing customer service automation processes in the call center has many advantages. Here are the top benefits!

Increase your productivity

Just because your agents are on the phone all day long, it doesn’t mean they are making productive calls or being efficient. Many call centers still rely on manual dialers, with agents having to dial numbers themselves. And many of these calls end up lost on answering machines, or with agents waiting too long for a customer to pick up.

Customer service automation can greatly benefit your call center’s productivity. With a predictive dialer, for example, you can automate your dialing process and thus potentially double your efficiency by reaching as many customers as possible.

Indeed, one major advantage of predictive dialers is that they can greatly enhance agent efficiency. Firstly, by relying on a predictive dialer, agents save time as they no longer need to manually dial numbers. Secondly, when an agent finishes their current call, a predictive dialer already has the next call ringing and ready to handle.

Furthermore, you can also provide automated responses to the most recurring customer queries, and thus free up your agents from typing out the same response multiple times a day. In fact, automating some of your workflows can potentially add up to hours of saved time per day.

Deliver better customer experience

Let’s face it, customers rarely look forward to contacting customer service lines. Having to contact a company’s customer service several times, and then being put on hold for several minutes, is clearly a frustrating customer experience.

With proper customer service automation processes, however, customer issues can be easily resolved without them (and you!) having lengthy and inefficient phone calls with customers.

Amongst other things, skills-based routing is a technique being increasingly used to direct customers to an appropriate agent by routing incoming calls to specific agents based on the service requested. As a result, customer experience greatly improves as agents are not only actively talking to customers but are also resolving their issues at potentially the highest level of efficiency.

It is also worth considering that it is increasingly common for companies to use automation tools such as an IVR system to handle their customer service traffic more effectively. However, voice-based IVR systems often mean customers calls take longer than expected, and actually don’t bring the results customers are looking for. So, if you want to unlock the full potential of IVR systems then make sure you opt for a visual IVR. Visual IVRs allow customers to use touch-screen menus to find the answers they’re looking for, instead of waiting for traditional IVR systems as they read out every option.

Lower your costs

As we all know, lowering costs is the number one priority in any call center. Saving costs by reducing staff numbers, however, is a gamble that is not worth taking, as during peak times it may actually end up costing you more in terms of poor service.

In contrast, customer service automation will allow you to cut costs by reducing the amount of labor used on individual tasks, rather than your number of agents. By automating some of your processes, you’ll not only be able to free up your agents from repetitive, low-value activities but also reduce the number of customer calls your call center receives. And, most automation tools are available on a subscription basis, allowing you to only pay for what you use and also easily scale up based on your needs.

So, for example, if your call center receives a lot of repetitive questions, you can assess your calls and automate the repetitive ones, for example, using an IVR feature. The more calls your IVR system can handle the more money you can save on your workforce.

Reduce your agent workload

Handling low-value repetitive tasks, such as answering the most commonly-asked questions a company receives, is a nightmare for any call center agent, a soul-sucking activity which can easily result in them burning out. This is definitely one area where customer service automation can help.

Chatbots, for example, can carry out many kinds of repetitive tasks on behalf of call center agents. In recent years, chat solutions have become massively popular in the call center industry, allowing call centers to reduce agent workload and letting agents focus on higher-value activities.

Another great customer service automation tool is customer self-service. The benefits of self-service are obvious: if your customers can resolve simple queries themselves, this will allow your customer service agents to use the resulting additional time to handle more complex issues. The result will be significantly-reduced customer service call volumes, and so substantially reduced agent workloads.

Customer service automation is more than just about offering customers a more convenient experience. It enhances productivity and quality, while also allowing you to better manage your resources. Make sure to leverage it in order to get the most out of your customer service interactions!

VCC Live® to Participate as a Diamond Partner in the XIV National Customer Service Conference

Posted on: October 10th, 2018 by dorarapcsak No Comments

We’re delighted to announce that VCC Live® will be participating as a Diamond Partner in the annual Hungarian National Customer Service Conference, which takes place on 17-19 October. It is an honor to be able to contribute to Hungary’s leading customer service event as the highest-ranked partner, and we are very much looking forward to hearing our fellow customer service experts talk at the conference about their latest experiences and best practices.

This year the conference will take place in Tapolca, near Lake Balaton, attracting industry leaders, customer service professionals, companies and anyone who’s interested in the industry. The event promises to be an unmissable opportunity to gain inspiration, participate in brainstorming sessions and leverage networking.

Furthermore, we’re proud to confirm that Péter Málhai, VCC Live®’s Head of Business Development, will be amongst the impressive lineup of presenters. On day one of the conference Péter will talk about the latest trends in international customer services, and on the following day he will share his thoughts on AI and chatbot usage.

The main focus for this year’s conference is the hotly-debated subject of man vs. machine, with both the latest technological trends and the continuing importance of the human factor being discussed at the event. In addition, there will be exciting customer experience business insight discussions and debates, featuring industrial leaders and experts from throughout Hungary. As gastronomy (an important element of customer care) is the conference’s specific theme, speakers including restaurant owner Hubert Hlatky-Slichter and gastro blogger András Jókuti will share their experiences with attendees.

On the first day of the three-day conference, presenters will discuss the latest customer care methods, highlighting in particular the factors that contribute to the delivery of high-quality customer service and positive customer experience. Attendees will be able to hear about the latest industry trends via case studies, thought-provoking presentations and exciting roundtable discussions.

The second day will focus on the human factor. What are the challenges of human resource management in our digitalized world? What will the role of humans be in a world where most activities can be carried out by robots? The conference’s keynote speakers, including experts from Microsoft, and Comnica, will discuss various topics, including the rise of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and trending digital solutions, and will have all the answers to share with attendees.

During the afternoon, attendees will be invited to take a gastronomic journey through presentations by prestigious gastro bloggers and fine-dining restaurant owners, who will share their thoughts on the challenges of gastro customer care.

The third day will be devoted to case studies and success stories. Management experiences, gamification, cloud-based solutions and text analytics will be discussed by various panels of experts. The conference will be closed by Gabriella Jakupcsek and Iván Fenyő, who will talk about the power of communication.

We hope to see you at the conference! After all, customers are at the heart of every organization…

To register as an attendee, or to see the conference schedule and more details, please click here: