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Successful Motivation at Call Center Academy

Academic year 2014/15 of Call Center Academy was launched yesterday. Successful series of presentations gave lots of new information to participants.

Successful Motivation at Call Center Academy | VCC BlogAt first, Adrienne Banga, expert of eSense Human Resources started with her presentation about motivation in general. “According to psychology, it’s the drive to get up every morning” – she said, adding several useful advice on motivating employees. Ms Baga talked about the importance of belonging somewhere, rewards and acknowledgement. She noted the stimulating power of learning and office infrastructure, and she warned about negative effects.

Balazs Vendler, founder of Games for Business and Hungarian gamification pioneer, was next speaking on the benefits of gamification. He showed examples of using gamification from Tom Sawyer to the WTCC driver Norbert Michelisz. To be concrete, he showed to the use of his social media wall, developed by his company, to encourage people tweeting, posting and instagramming on Call Center Academy using #CCAkademia. Many participants were happy to take part in the social media game.

Last but not least Tamas Gall, Business Development Manager at Partnering Central Europe, presented gamification as an academic science. He talked about some benefits that can be helpful in call centers. For example, there’s no need to hold long presentations for new colleagues, it’s enough to use gamification to know if s/he get to know the office emergency rules.

Call Center Academy finished its day with round table talks where some participants challenged lecturers with arguments and others only took the time to ask questions. According to their feedback, the whole event was a worthy one to start a new semester at Call Center Academy.

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