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Secrets of a good IVR

Telephone self-service has been around since the 70s and it can be very useful and beneficial. For example, with Virtual Call Center’s IVR.

According to a recent study of the American Gartner Research IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is “one of the most disliked features ever created”. People say it‘s tiring, dull and even nerve-racking when the system is hardly navigated. Well, it shouldn’t be. It was also shown that telephone self-service can be helpful, cost-effective and efficient not only for companies but clients, as well.

Be relevant

Just think of service shutdowns. From brand building point of view, it’s crucial to give relevant information to the relevant clients, and only the relevant clients. So it’s not good if you some problems in your system and all of your clients need to listen that in your IVR. So get CRM and integrate it with VCC to make your system able to recognize the caller’s location. If you don’t have CRM, no worries. Upload your database to VCC, and you will have the same results regarding caller recognition. And then you can fine-tune your IVR to give lives in the info to ones only who live in the area where you have problems. It will increase your client satisfaction and lower the call center costs.

Moreover, if you use your IVR to tell when the problem will be solved, it will be even more helpful for your brand building strategy.

Build a good structure

Of course, you need to have a well-structured IVR. It helps the customer to navigate, they won’t hear unnecessary lines, only simple, straight-to-the-point choosing options. It doesn’t mean you can’t use your IVR for promotion. But be smart. A good IVR recognize your client and doesn’t want to offer the same discount or a new package all the time. No wonder, VCC is more than happy to help its clients to build up the best IVR according to their customers’ needs.

Connect and customize

So a well-structured IVR is half success. But you can only attract your clients with your IVR if it’s connected to other services that enable personalization and predictive interaction. If you establish an IVR in VCC system, you can forward caller numbers or DTMF codes on the IVR menu, so the process of call management is easily customized. Using this feature, you can launch dynamic IVR or even telephone PIN identification services. VCC wants you to be able to customize your IVR as much as you can. For example, it gives you the chance to rank your agents upon their knowledge. And if you have a premium client waiting, you can assure they he will be taken care of your best agent during the IVR period.

In a nutshell, don’t be afraid of IVR. Just customize it according to your clients’ needs that is easy as pie with a good system. And everybody gets what he wants in the end.

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