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Raise Your Voice. Voice Beauty Pageant Starts All Over Again

This year the highly popular Voice Beauty Pageant, organized by the Hungarian Direct and Interactive Marketing Association, celebrates its third anniversary. Virtual Call Center is the main sponsor for the first year.

Raise Your Voice. Voice Beauty Pageant Starts All Over AgainUnfortunately, today people don’t see call centers as something positive. They can have lots of bad experiences every day. According to Peter Malhai, Business Development Manager at Virtual Call Center and member of the jury, many call centers don’t really pay attention to quality and perfect customer experience. Moreover, even he waits for a “really client-friendly and proactive customer experience”. It leads the call with a given purpose but it’s able to see clients’ needs and any occasional dangers. The perfect agent tells such damages to the customer and not with the purpose of declining responsibility but a continuous collaboration.

Similar events are very important to make call centers more popular. “It gives agents a chance to feel they can have an impact on the company and the public atmosphere,” says Mr Malhai. “A good voice or a good talk makes the whole day wonderful.”

Companies like to encourage agents to apply as they can have a special contest this way, where they can show their style and personality. In Mr Malhai’s opinion, the best agents, usually, have characteristic voices. “The style, speed, height of depth of a voice can’t be changed easily. It’s one of the biggest challenge supervisors know very well. That’s why giving continuous feedback is crucial.”

Contestants can get many during the pageant. Application deadline is 10 October and winners will be announced on 13 November.

“Contestants must speak loud and clear but their voice need to have a unique factor. Something that grabs my attention”, says Petes Malhai. “I advise contestants not to be scared, just give themselves. Keep smiling as it can be heard through the call. And the secret weapon is clothing. Wear elegant clothes as it helps in business communication even it’s only on the line.”

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