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“People Behind Numbers” – CCA lecturer on his topic

After the first Call Center Academy in this academic year, we’ll talk about statistics in November. Attila Kendefi, wizard expert of numbers talks about his topic.

Attila Kendefi - People behind numbers | VCC BlogThere’s no way to live without numbers today. Historic and real-time data are crucial to working, especially in the call center world. However, call centers are not only about numbers. That’s what Mr Kendefi would like to share as a Call Center Academy lecturer.

“The main topic of my presentation is numbers. But I also would like to show the people behind them and their quality work” he says.  “It’s important to know how numbers should be read. It matters which number means what or how a disposition code can affect work quality.”

According to Attila Kendefi, Call Center Academy is a perfect event to learn and get experience. “Participants can escape their usual working environment. They have a chance to leave everyday stress behind and get information that can be easily used in their professional life.” He adds that Call Center Academy is the first Hungarian event that speaks about call centers on the proper professional level. “It was almost ten years ago when I found a similar event in Germany. I’m really happy to see now one in Hungary that has relevant substance.”

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