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Numbers in the Spotlight at Call Center Academy

The November event of Call Center Academy had a record number of participants. They could gather information on statistics and KPIs from the interesting presentations.

Numbers in the Spotlight at Call Center Academy | VCC BlogLast year’s familiar and cozy atmosphere is all gone at Call Center Academy, now it’s all about real conference feeling with more participants than ever. They were even divided into three groups, public sector, financial sector and telesales companies, to be more able to participate in interactive tasks. Timea Szabo, Customer Relationship Consultant at Partnering Central Europe, asked the participants to collect which index numbers they use and share it with the other group members.

After the participants’ presentations, lectures started with Ms Szabo’s presentation, titled What, Why, When and How should be Measured in Call Centers? She talked about data and KPI concepts, goals and target groups of reports, mode of actions of index numbers and measurement management. One of the most important conclusions was the need of choice what you want to know, because you have to start measuring only after getting that knowledge.

In the afternoon, Attila Kendefi, call center expert talked presented about call center specific statistics. He showed measurements of outsourced, telesales and helpdesk-typed call centers via factual reports. For example, participants got a short summary about the longevity of successful and unsuccessful calls at an event management company and what such numbers mean. Mr Kendefi also talked about strategic contexts of KPI systems and measurements of background mechanisms.

Participants could gather lots of useful information about the world of statistics and numbers on the whole. They probably can use it easily in their operative and strategic work even today.

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